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  • Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    Usually when a feed isn’t updating it’s because you’ve hit your API request limit on Twitter. The limit is by IP, not site. Which means that if you’re on shared hosting, all the other sites on your IP (usually at LEAST your server, possibly several servers) all count against the same limit. You start with 150 requests per hour (Twitter Widget Pro can use up to 20 per hour), but bad behavior (like slamming Twitter with requests) can get your limit lowered or even get your IP blacklisted.

    If you’re running the latest version of the plugin (2.4.0), you can go to “WP Admin->Settings->Twitter Widget” and there is a section that shows your limit, as well as the number of requests used and when the limit will reset. If your limit is being reached quickly, consider asking your host to move you to a server with a different IP.


    Same problem. I reached the 150 limit. Is there anyway to have daily update instead of every 5 minutes, so it could work ?


    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    The problem is that the limit is based on your IP. Unless you’re tracking a bunch of different users with different widgets, then the usage is mostly from OTHER people on your server(s). It will try every 5 minutes and if it succeeds even just once a day it’ll update once a day.



    Agree – But now I am having a problem with UPDATE LOCKS occuring. I am posting to twitter once daily, BUT just checked and my twitter widget on my website is 6 days old. Checked & sure enough – there is a UPDATE LOCK. I greatly dislike having to “babysit” technology. When it works, it works great – will update for several days even a week or 2, then it freezes and after checking, it’s ALWAYS the lock.

    Yes, I am only using Twitter API via HTTP (not HTTPS) as per the note

    On the API Usage, the host I use now is such that my 150 will be used up in about 10 mins. I have watched several times and it is consistent – maybe I will make 15 mins sometimes. But updating my twitter widget every hour is OK – as long as it is reliable & I can count on it. But the UPDATE LOCK problem I describe above, is a totally unacceptable condition.

    P.S. I believe I always did have a lock problem.
    Does anyone know the fix for this? I can’t keep baby-sitting this plugin like this 😉

    Silly question maybe, but is there a manual way to clear the update locks? Perhaps that will help isolate the issue if I can see where the issue is coming from?

    The widget works great, when it works. But, there’s gotta be a way to fix it so that it updates all the time; not just sometimes.

    I am having the same problem, but am not even close to reaching our limit. This is on a dedicated server, so it’s the only one running on this IP. We also have it set to HTTP rather than HTTPS and I have manually cleared the update lock. It’s still displaying tweets from December as the most recent tweets, which is WAY behind.

    Any thoughts on how to fix?



    Agree with WolfSnap – great when it works – and it was for me till about 2 weeks ago – and I didn’t change / do anything.

    Yes, you can clear the locks manually, BUT the lock keeps coming back, so this isn’t a solution. Also, when I cleared locks that past 2 weeks, it did NOT update, like it use to.

    I am ready to rip it out – plugins like this cannot be “baby-sat”. I (like many of you) have content to write / focus on.

    I too tried several things & nothing worked. Anyone elaborate please on what “LOCKS” are? Something to do with our hosting server I believe, but HOW can we fix that also. The locks appear to happen more regularly now, whereas before, when mine worked reliably. May be that twitter changed their API, as I did NOT make any changes – was happy that it was working.

    ……… yuk ……. ;(



    I have had enough – still not updating – don’t have the time to baby-sit this widget. Quite possible that any API changes at twitter also causes such problems, so not totally the developers fault. Not convinced that Twitter supports the 3rd party application makers either – by giving advance warning of API changes.

    Does anyone have a substitute widget we can use on our websites?

    This week-end I am going to search, find & install another twitter widget. If the people behind Twitter Widget Pro can’t support our problem in the weeks (actually months), then I/we are moving on.

    Collectively we have spent way too much time ;(

    If anyone finds something comparable, I/We would appreciate hearing about it.




    BTW, did this test several times.

    I am on shared IP with my hosting provider – BlueHost

    I reach my 150 limit in about 10-12 mins.

    This has been quite consistent over the last 3 weeks or so, when I have randomly done the test – just go into twitter widget pro settings and keep hitting browser refresh to watch the count go up.

    Appears that when you hit your 150 limit, that is when the LOCK comes on – and never clears by itself.

    Manually clear it. No one can be expected to do this every hour

    It worked great for several months then stopped about 2 weeks ago. So somehthing changed – maybe twitter tweaked their API & never told any developers – probably too busy & focused to lend them any support either.

    End result ? Us users are stuck with poor integrity plugins ;(



    Well what about those of us who /aren’t/ hitting our limit? The problem seems to lie elsewhere.



    I finally moved on – found another one that looks MUCH better. Comes highly recommended from another org I spoke at last week;

    Try it out & let me know. Less tweaking – It Just WORKS !

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