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  • Same here – it has all of them from a few days ago, but nothing new is coming in to the “tweets”, “mentions”, or “hashtags”

    I just figured this out – Have to enable twitter tools for the twitter account you set up in Social -on the twitter tools settings, select the twitter account you set up in Social, then enable twitter tools. All new tweets are in now.

    I’m glad it works for you, but some of us aren’t so lucky:

    Ah, thanks rgaylor. There was no clear indication that we’re suppose to click our avatar to expand the options in the settings page. Now Twitter Tools is correctly pulling my tweets, but there are three new issues:

    1) It will consistently schedule them to be posted on my blog after about four hours.
    2) It’s not setting the correct category for the tweets — no matter what category I choose, it always uses the same one (the wrong one)
    3) When I try to delete a blog post that was created from a tweet, WordPress crashes with this error message:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/equivoca/www/www/wp-content/plugins/social/lib/social/controller/broadcast.php on line 480

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/equivoca/www/www/wp-content/plugins/social/lib/social/controller/broadcast.php:480) in /home/equivoca/www/www/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 881

    I’m getting the same effect after updating/adding Social. Posts created from my tweets are put in the ‘General’ category with no tags despite my Twitter Tools settings for the account specifying a different category and tags.

    I’m going to close this topic and start a new one because the original issue has been resolved.

    Well closing is not in order, because over here no posts are published from tweets. Activated both in Social and in twitter-tools the twitter account. Broadcasting is off as I do not want to tweet the posts, it’s mostly a private blog.

    When i activate debugging and and want to authorize the twitter account on my profile page I do see this:

    Authorizing with URL:
    Running request: Auth/action_authorized
    Failed to verify authentication nonce

    Maybe this is the problem. Anyway no tweets published. Do not see anything in the logs about any attempt to do it. Otherwise when I create a post (which is not tweeted) this is in the debug log:

    Post #xxxx added to the aggregation queue. (Interval: 15min, Next run (approximately):

    Ah, if only it were so simple. Unfortunately in my case I have:

    Social Proxy by Mailchimp by

    Social Proxy is a simple connector between social apps and websites. It’s brought to you by your pals at MailChimp.

    Permissions: read and write

    Approved: Friday, October 12, 2012 3:39:24 a.m.

    So it’s not something as simple as that. 🙁

    Actually the problem is in connecting a twitter or facebook account to the profile on the user profile page. Connecting the twitter account in the settings of SOCIAL or twitter-tools is no problem at all.

    This is the message:

    Running request: Auth/action_authorized
    Failed to verify authentication nonce

    As a result of that I suppose none of the published tweets are imported as posts. What’s wrong exactly?

    I’ve got all those configured, the bit I pasted was the confirmation that Social was authenticated with Twitter from the settings at that end.

    As of this evening I can confirm that the Social broadcast function works through to my Twitter account:

    Which is great, but Twitter Tools still won’t download tweets sent through other Twitter clients (most of my tweeting is done with Twittering Mode for Emacs). That’s supported by TTYtter, TweetDeck, my phone and occasionally the website.

    @ben Nice for you, you can broadcast, but this is not a solution to this problem at all. This problem is about getting posts from already twittered tweets

    Which is a problem that still affects me too. I only mentioned the broadcast aspect because:

    a) It shows that Social is connected to the Twitter account and can post.
    b) It was something that had been mentioned as not working in other threads since the release of ver. 3.0.
    c) It shows that the tweet sent through the broadcast is entered into the database on the WordPress end (although it hasn’t recorded @ mentions or hashtags in the tweets db/posts).

    I still haven’t found a solution to the tweet downloading issue, but my best guess is that it either relates to the code that is supposed to do it or the cron execution that is suposed to trigger it.

    Note: That’s WordPress cron, not a creal cronjob.

    Unfortunately I’m not a PHP coder, so my ability to analyse the source is limited. Python is more my thing, but that doesn’t really help us here.

    @ben It’s not a CRON issue as a manual download of the tweets does not work either.

    The response from the URL when connecting the twitter account in the profile somehow does not render the right information to connect the account, authentication fails. So it’s a SOCIAL plugin related problem, there is no account connected to the profile.

    Therefore when downloading tweets, there are no tweets to download, as it is an empty account you are trying it from.

    This plugin does import the tweets as separate posts and it works!

    Good to know it’s not cron.

    If you’re sure the problem is with Social rather than Twitter Tools, how do you explain Social’s broadcast feature working? That requires successful authentication too.

    As for the other plugin, I’d really rather not turn every single tweet into a separate post on the main site, a daily digest is good enough for that. I’ve switched to the Twitter Digest plugin from Whalespine/Tim Beck for that purpose. For the widget I’m using Rotating Tweets by Martin Tod.

    At the moment all Twitter Tools 3.0.1 is doing is tweeting my real posts and storing that in the tweet db. Which seems to be roughly what it’s doing for everyone else with the sole exception of Alex King, who swears it works.

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