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  • I’ve upgraded and also miss the daily digest page, but after struggling to get the category right for tweets, I can live with things as-is.

    However, I have over 194,000 tweets in my old Twitter Tools backup – upgrading seems to go be going at a glacial pace (~12000 in a day). Is there any way to speed that up?


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  • agreed, i had only 670ish and it still took over 5 minutes.

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    The current upgrade code batches 10 tweets at a time. I ran it on my server and it upgraded ~4000 tweets in about 5 minutes.

    If your connection to your server experiences high latency, you might see a speed benefit by bumping the batch size to ~25 or so. You can try this out by editing the default in the aktt_upgrade_30_run() function.

    file upgrade/3.0.php, line 163:

    function aktt_upgrade_30_run($count = 10) {

    change to:

    function aktt_upgrade_30_run($count = 25) {

    As I hope you noticed, you can cancel and resume the upgrade at any time.

    Thanks – I’m trying that now.

    And yes, I’ve been cancelling every so often and checking how many counted down – I’m not seeing ~4000 tweets / 5 min. I wonder what else could be causing the latency…

    Anyway, I’ll let this one run about an hour and report back how many were completed. Thanks!

    I tried the 25 value – still really slow.

    Any other suggestions to speed up processing previous tweets? I’ve still got over 180K to process…

    Thanks! – Bob

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    Based on my testing I can only assume this is due to some server/host limitation or configuration.

    I had 31313 to upgrade. When I looked at my PC after it ran all night, the progress bar was full, but it still said upgrading. I hit cancel, and tried to upgrade again. Now it says it found 1 tweet to upgrade and it just sits there doing the upgrade and never progresses.

    I ran a query and found one empty record with a tweet date of 1969. Deleted that and all is well.

    Thanks – I’ve been running this for days, canceling every morning to check. This morning I still have 182390 to process. I guess I’ll have to check the database to see if there were bad records written by the old Twitter Tools. Otherwise upgrading the old tweets may be a lost cause for me, I hope the tool will handle that alright.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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