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    It took me a while to cotton on to the fact that you had to click on the name of your twitter account in TT’s settings in order to have it start working.

    Anyway, just wanted to check if, along similar lines, I’ve missed something to turn out generation of digests. I see the options to select if you want to make each tweet a post, but I don’t want to do that – I just want to generate a weekly digest of my vapid ruminations on twitter as one post.

    Is there a way to do that in TT v. 3 or has it become subject to the inevitable forces of progress and deprecation?

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  • Plugin Contributor Alex King


    As the author had no need for the function and it never worked properly, the digest feature is gone in 3.0.

    That’s a shame. I quite liked the feature (and did not actually notice that it didn’t work properly). Oh well.

    BTW, just wanted to say thanks – still a great plugin and I’m a big fan of your other stuff as well.

    I used to use the digest feature and it worked perfectly. But now it’s missing I’m going to use: and use the feed that’s automatically generated by that custom post type (for my blog it’s i.e. BLOGURL/tweets/feed/ ) to power it.

    Agree it’s a great plugin and I appreciate the update as it would have stopped working anyway soon because of changes to Twitter’s API… Hope that helps.

    Wow, that’s really unfortunate that the digest stuff is no longer a part of the upgraded plug-in. That was one of the major reasons I used TT (so that it could capture my Tweets into my Blog). Yes, it had occasional hiccups, but by and large I found it reliable.

    I’ll check out the RSS Digest suggestion above instead — but as I recall that also ends up pulling in @replies, which is not what I want (TT also had the advantage of not tweeting the digests themselves, which was another big bonus).

    I’m sad, too, that the digest feature has gone. It had some issues indeed, but it was called “experimental”, so there was no reason to complain. I actually hoped that a new version would fix the issues.

    @alex: Even if you have no use for it, maybe you want to make some users happy? 🙂

    Worth noting that Twitter will be dropping all RSS/XML/Atom feeds with its new API, come March 2013.

    “@Alex: Even if you have no use for it, maybe you want to make some users happy? :-)”

    I used the digest feature and loved it. Just one blog post per day with multiple tweets. Yeah it was buggy, but it worked, I liked it and if this feature doesn’t come back I will have to look for a different solution. In the meantime I will downgrade to 2.4, but would really like to see the feature added back in to future releases. Thanks!

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    Sounds like a great opportunity for someone to utilize all of the (code) features Twitter Tools provides to create a digest plugin.

    I was using Twitter Tools just for the weekly digest feature in some of my blogs. The only bug I had was a double post from time to time, but that was nothing compared to all the issues I’m having with Social now…
    Oh well, moving on, thanks for the good ol’ times. 😉

    I would like to add my voice to the list of those who want the digest functionality to return to Twitter Tools. We have been using it for a couple years and have loved it, despite the occasional hiccoughs. It’s quite useful to be able to aggregate all tweets into a single blog post rather than pummeling the blog with individual tweets as posts when tweeting a lot while on the road, for example.



    I found a standalone plugin that does Twitter Digests:

    The only feature it was missing was the ability to exclude Tweets that were auto-posted by another WordPress plugin (e.g. “New blog post: [title] [url]”).

    I made some mods of my own to add in this functionality and it works perfectly. I sent my mods to the plugin author but he hasn’t had time yet to integrate them into the official version. If you’d like my modded version of this plugin drop me a line at and I will email it to you.

    Gosh, I miss the weekly digest feature! I don’t want indidvidual posts created from my dopey stream of unconsciousness, but I did enjoy looking over the weekly digest to see how it revealed a kind of snapshot of my mindset for the week.

    I’m sorry you didn’t find it useful enough to continue, Alex, but I understand that Twitter changing the rules in March makes it less trouble to remove the function.

    What is this code feature you speak of? Use small words. 😉

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