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    Twitter Tools also seems to not be ‘broadcasting’ automatically which is kind the whole point of having this plugin for me, why isn’t this working anymore?

    Not only does it not appear to broadcast (I haven’t written a new post since “upgrading” this afternoon to check that), but it doesn’t seem to download tweets to display in the widget or anywhere else.

    This upgrade is essentially just beta software, it should’ve been tested a little more before release.

    I’m pretty sure it doesn’t do anything it claims it does and it’s definitely stopped doing things it did before. I’ll be looking around for another Twitter plugin if this isn’t fixed soon. Which is a shame, because Twitter Tools has real potential.

    I can now confirm that the digest option is definitely absent too. So the plugin has gone from functional to useless. 🙁

    Ignore my previous entry, instead read this:

    Then scroll down through the comments to the one by @joanpla which reveals one of the undocumented settings that needs to be activated. That comment is here:

    It says: “Thanks a lot! But just in case it helps somebody: I upgrade Twitter Tools (600 tweets were upgraded succesfully) but then I realized my tweets didn’t get posted. Finally I found out I had to enable Twitter Tools clicking in my twitter username (inside Twitter Tools wordpress settings page). I think it’s hard to find it… Actually I found it out after seeing the screencast in the plugin directory.
    As I said, thanks a lot, man, truly.”

    I’m now trying another update and we’ll see what happens.

    This piece of fucking junk just totally sucks now! I’ve installed Social but can’t link it to my twitter or facebook. When I try to link I just get a page not found error.

    I guess it’s free so I got what I paid for but I certainly expected more from Mailchimp.

    This plugin is now a useless pile of steaming dog crap, make that monkey crap.

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    I’m pretty sure it doesn’t do anything it claims it does

    It’s been working exactly as designed and expected on my site for about a year now. 🙂

    i’d probably more understanding for a (new?) plugin that integrates all the features of social and twitter tools, with add-ins for each of the features

    It’s been working exactly as designed and expected on my site for about a year now. 🙂

    Maybe so, but 2.x has been working perfectly on my site and it only stopped working following the upgrade. In fact, the only thing it did successfully was convert the 5,000+ tweets already stored by my site to the current form.

    The last tweet from that point is here:

    There are 3 more tweet-like entries following that created through the Dashboard, but it turned out that they weren’t actually sent to You can see from my actual twitter stream that there have been tweets since the upgrade which have not been accessed via Twitter Tools, including one addressed to you.

    So after a couple of hours messing around, searching web forums and several chat sessions with Hostgator to modify some security rules I was able to connect my profiles. Haven’t made a post yet to see how it’s working now.

    Oh, and my problems have been with the ‘social’ plugin, not the Twitter Tools plugin.

    Thank you rdavisphoto for saying what I would be too polite to say.

    I installed social plugin, but am unable to “add account”. So social won’t work and consequently twitter tools won’t work. Twitter tools no longer shows the hashtag option or link shortening info.

    Guess I have to do it manually.

    So it’s kind of depressing. No more integration and link shortening, anther admin page to navigate when you push submit and more hoops to jump through if you schedule your posts. Not progress from my perspective.

    100% broken – 500 errors all around. Also, we have tried Social on multisite before and the user creation mentality on WordPress is ludicrous. Why would I want people who comment on my wordpress blog to become potential members? Does that make any sense?

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    A number of the assumptions in this thread are wrong, you may want to read this:

    to Alex King, your article is not totally correct either. I am forced to use Social. Twitter tools is automatically deactivated until I installed the plugin. And it still won’t work unless I add account in Social. And as I said before, I am unable to add account. I keep getting errors. So now I have 2 plugins on my site which do not work.

    New twitter tool features don’t help me if I can’t get it to even work. Saying that twitter tools works on your site is irrelevant and is not helping me getting it working.

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