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  • I have Twitter Tools configured to publish daily digests of my tweets for the day. It usually works just fine, but it will double-post about 2-3 times per month. Is this a bud in the plugin, or is there something I may be doing wrong?

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  • I’ve had the same problem, and it does appear to be random.

    I’ve this beavior every night.
    I think come this from a to fast server?
    Did Twitter Tools does’t recognize the first post?

    This is something we’ve spent several days trying to debug, without success. We have never been able to reproduce the issue reliably. I have a couple of ideas I’d like to try to see what kind of impact they have.

    It’s on a long list of things to investigate, so if someone wanted to sponsor the development it would move up the list.

    Otherwise, we’ll address it as soon as we’re able.

    Phew! I thought it was just me as I’d been having trouble finding anyone with the same bug!

    Last week I start a trial and removed all twitter tools entry’s in the options table of WP MySQL Database (aktt_). And start over with new settings of twitter tools.
    And it seems, that this fix the double post behaviour.

    I have the exact same issue with my weekly digest: it always double posts. Anything I can do to assist with debugging this?

    I notice the same problem right here. Always double posts every night. Please give information in this thread if there is some progress in solving the problem.


    I saw it happen on one of my blogs but not the other. Both are on the same system. I wonder if it has anything to do with how it plays with other plugins?

    I think the problem could be a race condition that occurs when multiple “people” access your site simultaneously (for example search crawlers that hit your blog with multiple connections).

    I’ve set up a cron job to hit my blog just after the scheduled post time, and the one post it was supposed to do has worked correctly so far. Of course that doesn’t say much (I only have one weekly post set up), I’ll have to monitor it for a few more weeks before I can say for sure that this is the problem.

    Week two of my test, another single post, just the way it should be. So I really think the ‘race condition’ theory holds true. Somehow, when called multiple times simultaneously, Twitter Tools doesn’t lock quickly enough or somehow misses the locks of the other threads, causing it to double-post.

    Anybody got an idea on how to prevent that? (I’m no good at thinking up such solutions. Apart from somehow abusing memcached, I came up blank, and that would add quite a big dependency to it.)

    Same problem with the weekly digest. Some weeks it was just twice, now every week it is fourfold.

    @steltek – Because it is my pure test blog, there is no other user or “multiple people access” arround.

    Yep. Week 3 and I have another double post… That pretty much throws my theory to the wind.

    i’ve finally turned this plugin off after 3 months of this issue. and i have no intention of diving into my sql tables searching for “aktt_” options. b-o-r-i-n-g. as if i didn’t have my hands full with 300 other sql db’s…… although i am curious if that fix actually works. or actually Alex King should be interested in whether or not that fix works. (props though, i’m sure critics are quick and the thankers are slow, especially when it comes to a free plugin that probably took many hours to develop).

    can anyone recommend another plugin that will post a daily tweet digest?

    Twitter Digest

    It’s what I switched to about 6 weeks ago, when I finally got sick of the double-posting and having to edit everywhere it doubleposted (not just on my blog, but also my aggregated blog and facebook).

    Sadly, that one has no ‘weekly’ option.

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