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  • I am using this widget on 2 other blogs with no issues. However, I’ve built this new, 2.6 blog twice and the plugin still doesn’t display my tweets.

    Today, I was able to send a tweet from the plug, but that tweet never showed in the sidebar itself.

    I’ve gone back and checked that it is set exactly as it is in every other blog, and have confirmed the username/password, as well as trying the Reset and Update options in the config settings. All to no avail.

    If anyone has suggestions, I’d appreciate it. It’s one of the last things to get resolved before kicking off this new site. Thanks

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  • Well, I am switching my blogs to Twitter for WordPress. I can understand saying your plugin isn’t supported. But if that’s the case why publish it?

    Zack Katz


    I am having the same issue with What plugins are you running, @chrismross? Maybe we have one in common?

    I’m having the same problem (sort of)

    I have it working fine on my main blog: (scroll to bottom of page)

    However I can’t get it working on another blog I have on the site at and I can’t see what I’m doing differently between those two…

    Okay, I installed Twitter Tools on another blog I have and it is also showing “No tweets available”. As it is located at I am thinking it has something to do with not being in the root?

    Update: I looked at my backend and I see that the blog that works has a table called wp_ak_twitter. However, apparently Twitter Tools failed to create this table for the other two blogs.

    I made a copy of this table & data with a prefix matching one of my other blogs, but when I tried to write a new tweet from WP it did not insert into my new _ak_twitter table.

    Then I looked at the wp_options and saw a whole many lines pertaining to Twitter Tools. The other two blogs did not have these lines. I imagine if I were to copy these lines into my options for the other blogs, TT might work? But unfortunately I don’t know how to just get a few lines from the database =x

    Will report more later…

    Alright, I have succeeded in my 2nd blog to show my tweets in its sidebar. To the best of my recollection, this was my process:

    1) Copied blog1_ak_twitter table to blog2_ak_twitter

    2) Hit “Update Tweets” within Twitter Tools which seemed to populate blog2_options with the missing twitter lines.

    3) Wrote a tweet from within WP which did not immediately appear on the sidebar but did appear on Twitter

    4) Manually updated Twitter again and post appeared in sidebar. I am not sure if the manual update actually caused the post to appear in the sidebar, or if I was just being impatient and it would have shown up there if I just waited a bit longer

    Hopefully this will be figured out and resolved in a Twitter Tools update, but until then I hope my method will shed some light on possible solutions for people.

    OK, you peeps are having trouble showing tweets in your blog. But get this, I’m having trouble showing my post titles in Twitter.

    I’ve tried it on 2 blogs and it doesn’t work. Does it for you?


    Lucky Balaraman
    CAD Services CEO

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