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  • if you look at my blog,

    you can see that I’m displaying twitter tools in the sidebar widget to display recent tweets. It’s working fine, but it’s ugly.

    Wondering if anyone knows how to edit the code to add a horizontal line in between the posts to break it up a bit more. The code I think I need to edit is:

    // here's your chance to alter the tweet list that will be posted as the digest
    			if (count($tweets_to_post) > 0) {
    				$content = '<ul style="list-style: none;" class="aktt_tweet_digest">'."\n";
    				foreach ($tweets_to_post as $tweet) {
    					$content .= '	<li style="list-style: none;">'.aktt_tweet_display($tweet, 'absolute').'</li>'."/n";
    				$content .= '</ul>'."\n";
    				if ($this->give_tt_credit == '1') {
    					$content .= '<p class="aktt_credit">'.__('Powered by <a href="">Twitter Tools</a>', 'twitter-tools').'</p>';
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