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  • I’ve been running the Twitter Tools 1.5 betas for a couple of weeks on my site, publishing a daily digest around 23:30 local time.

    Every once in a while I’ve noticed an extra copy or two of the digest showing up in the scheduled posts, scheduled for 24 hours later. I never got around to tracking down the problem, just deleted the extra posts.

    Yesterday I upgraded to 1.5 final, and today I found something very strange: last night’s digest had been posted on time, but more than 30 copies were scheduled to appear tonight! I cleared them all out, checked back an hour or two later, and saw another 3 copies had been scheduled.

    I looked at the database, and aktt_next_daily_digest was still pointing to last night’s time. I assume it just noticed there was a digest due, built it, scheduled it, but never updated the scheduled time.

    I ended up hitting the button to reset TT, and the option pointed to tonight. So far one more copy has shown up, but it could have popped in between the time I cleared the old ones and the time I hit reset. I’ll keep an eye on it, and post a followup if I see any more, either for last night’s digest or for tonight’s.

    In case it matters, I’m in the -08:00 (PST) timezone, so at the time I’ve chosen, the local date and UTC date are different.

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  • Well, I installed Twitter Tools 1.5.1 yesterday. And right now, I have 20 posts scheduled for tonight, all of which are identical to last night’s post but show today’s date.

    So upgrading didn’t fix it.

    Possible interactions: I’m using both WP-Super-Cache and WP-Widget-Cache. Let me know if you need a full list of plugins I have running.

    Sounds similar to what I had happen to me.

    Running WP 2.6.3 and just recently upgraded to Twitter Tools 1.5 and then 1.5.1 via the automatic upgrade.

    While upgrading (either right before or just after) to 1.5.1, I turned on the daily digest feature for the first time, and ended up with a few dozen posts, and more scheduled.

    Just cleaned up and turned off the daily digest feature.

    Curious to hear if this is something that gets addressed.


    Running WordPress 2.6.3 and Twitter Tools 1.5. Having the same problem with multiple copies of last week’s digest. Didn’t catch them before they were publisded. Feel as if I were spamming my own RSS feed. :p

    I’m having the same problems too.

    Quite annoying when you have your blog updating Facebook too! I’ve had to delete 30-odd posts from both my Blog and Facebook!

    20-30 posts would be awesome. I just realized that this plugin posted more than a THOUSAND posts on my blog, and scheduled more than TWO THOUSAND.

    anyone knows a way to quickly delete all those posts? =/


    Other than deleting 15 at a time by clicking the select all box in the Manage -> Posts section, I don’t unfortunately.

    Should take you a couple of weeks…. Just be greatful it hasn’t posted it to Facebook et al too… Or has is?

    I’ve turned the feature off altogether and it still keeps trying to schedule the odd post. Most annoying.

    Same thing has been happening to me. I upgraded to Twitter Tools 1.5.1 two days ago, and the next morning discovered the unpleasant surprise that my tweet digest had posted to my blog more than 20 times. Ever since then, periodically I’ve gone into my blog admin during the day and noticed 20+ duplicate scheduled posts. I’ve tried completely redoing my settings, to no avail. If this keeps up I’m just going to have to disable the plugin, because it’s flooding my blog with duplicate posts every night.

    I’m still on WP 2.6.2, but I see people are having this issue on 2.6.3 as well. It’s definitely something w/ the new version of the plugin, because I had used twitter Tools for over a year with no problems before this.

    This morning I had 136 scheduled posts for 18 hours from now, and 5 that had already posted yesterday’s tweets – except those posted just one of my tweets.

    I have the ‘Create a daily digest blog post from your tweets?’ set to YES and 11:59pm. When I checked this morning, I had 20 scheduled posts for 11:59pm tonite with YESTERDAY’s tweets. Those tweets should have been in a single post posted at 11:59pm last nite.

    I’m running WP 2.6.3 and Twitter Tools 1.5.1. I didn’t have this issue until I upgraded my Twitter Tools install.

    Does anyone know if/when this might be fixed. I’m going to have to turn off the digest posts since it’s not working like it should be.

    Looks like a patch has been made for the issue.

    I haven’t installed it yet, so I don’t know for sure. But I wanted to share the link in case others hadn’t run across it.

    Thanks for the link, wxgal. I installed the patch and will report back on this thread as to whether it fixes the problem.

    I was gonna check that patch… but is 404 every time and everywhere I try to access it – be it from home or at work.

    I’ve installed mass post manager and made it delete all posts in the “twitter” category, but… it simply doesn’t work? it gives me the message saying that posts were deleted, but when I get back to the manage posts page they’re still all there 🙁

    Installing the patch seemed to help… sort of. Last night I had only 3 duplicate digest posts, instead of 136. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

    The patch appeared to have worked for me. Only one post was created, and it was posted at the correct time.

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