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  • Resolved rekutt


    Hi there, in essence the plugin is working ok as i only use it for posting blog entries from my external twitter feed.

    Problem is when social pulls in my tweets and converts them into blog posts, the format is set as ‘status’. My wordpress site doesnt see this format 🙁

    I could do with it making the format ‘standard’ or ‘gallery’ etc

    Please help me.

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  • rekutt


    Hey guys any ideas on this please???

    Ive changed my wordpress theme to support ‘status’ formats but its still not auto posting my tweets to my site?

    They show up in my admin section until i change the format to ‘gallery’ for instance and then it shows up fine ;(


    regards Ricky

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    Hi Alex, thanks for the response 😉

    Its great news to here you’ve done something about my format problem so a big thanks. When you say its part of 3.0.2 do you mean there will be some drop down or something which i can select within the plugin in the admin section? The only reason i ask is the above info doesn’t me a lot to me 😉

    So if i had to amend the code my self i may balls it up 😉

    Also i seem to be having the same problem as a few others on here where as its stopped auto downloading my tweets into my admin, it works ok if i manually press the button thou.

    Thanks again!!!

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    You’d need to create a plugin to use the filter.

    hi Alex, sorry to be a pain. Can you direct me to some instructions on how to create a plugin so i can use the filter please?

    Thanks in advance 😉

    Hi alex, ive managed to create a plugin from the filter you gave me and its worked to some extent so thanks 😉

    but whats happening is the filter is stopping any tweets showing up in my post admin section or on my site, where as i wanted the filter to make all my tweets automatically show up not be hidden?

    as all of my tweets are made instantly into ‘status’ blog posts as there coming from twitter and theres nothing i can do about this then i thought this filter would change the format to ‘image’ so they would show up??

    can i add or change part of the filter code to make this happen? or does this filter just stop the ‘status’ posts coming through?

    thanks again in advance.


    This is a bit of a hack, but I’m not very patient 🙂
    Great plug! …

    Inside this file:

    change this
    if ($post_format = apply_filters(‘aktt_tweet_create_blog_post_format’, ‘status’, $data, $this)) {
    set_post_format($this->blog_post_id, $post_format);

    to this
    if ($post_format = apply_filters(‘aktt_tweet_create_blog_post_format’, ‘standard’, $data, $this)) {
    set_post_format($this->blog_post_id, $post_format);

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    Very helpful! Heaps thanks.

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