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  • Starting using this plug yesterday and all of a sudden I’m getting spam links in my posts AND on twitter. Is this plugin to blame?

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  • Hi Asta,

    Is it like this??
    “Sensa weightloss review”

    I’ve just found the same thing after publishing a post and activating this plug-in. It injected a spam link.

    I think this plug-in is contaminated with something very bad!
    As soon as I found it out, I deactivated it. Now, I’m going to check my DB!

    The answer is in in the description, it clearly states

    “A sponsor link will be included in every 5th post/tweet to help the future development of this plugin and other useful plugins”

    well that’s total bs
    thanks for the spamware


    I have to agree, how is it different from the author of a theme including a link on their template. Is that SPAM – No.
    It’s only spam if you are unaware of it or it is done without your knowledge.

    Is that SPAM – No

    that is debatable
    use another plugin that doesn’t spam you

    I have no problem with people who do not like it. Thats fine, don’t use it. The reason it was developed is because no other plugin has these features and that is what I wanted. I have made it as clear as I can in the description and now in the settings how the poster works. I can see nothing wrong with that when the user knows exactly how it works

    I posted a link on how to remove it or you can download my version, spam free.

    @eeikbon, you maybe right at this point, but atleast make sure your enscription works…right now the checkbox you have placed at your plugin doesnt work and still continue to spamm. I also recommend you to let the user decide to compensate you or not…if the users of your plugin like the plugin they will fave you for this…but if you force the user to advertise your bullsh*t this wont work and your future as plugin developer will end just at the very begining.Visitors of our sites will ignore anyways to click on your site (baby-parenting) link and this spamming method wont increase the hits of your site or the back-links. I bet with the next google PR update your site page rank will go down.

    Maybe this was not created before, but since the idea already exist, it wont take a programmer huge time just to take your plugin as base model and create more advanced one and spamm free. Then i tell you what will happen…plugin users will just forget about you and your spamm plugin and never again future use any plugin you create.

    I hope this will make some sense now and you will ASAP fix this problem.


    I have tested the optional setting on the twitter post and it does work, you have to uncheck the box to allow this, I will consider making the link optional. I developed this plugin for myself, I thought other people might find it useful and shared it, if they don’t want the sponsored link, they should use another plugin

    other people will find it usefull and share it only if you dont spamm their blogs with your links. This will not help you increase your link popularity or drive you some traffic…oposite, this will only make people remark you as worst plugin builder ever. Do you think you the most clever on this planet and all others are ididots to advertise your site? You can make the link optional…people will compensate you for that and trust me most of them will not disable it, but right now they do delate your links if its placed and also delate the twitter post palced via your plugin…in other words, you are not getting any back links right now. Mer personaly, i take the extra 2 mins time to delate them…i delate the link placed and i delate the twitter post…so you get nothing…you know why? coz of the way you force us do this.

    Lucky you are we are still using your plugin (even the extra time we take to delate the linsk and twitter posts)…but trust there is no long way untill some other developer come up with more advanced one and spam free…then this plugin you have now can remin yours and you can use it the way you wish as no one else will use it. Great you share it with others…but then share the plugin honestly and dont do it the bitchy way. We appreciate your time develo─▒ping the plugin and we will compoensate you for this but not the way you are doing it right now. Looking at the current twitter plugins i am sure some of this guys will comeup with something.

    alright…i just disabled the plugin and delated from my server…this is the worst plugin i have ever used. I wish you good luck with your wonderfull plugin now.

    I don’t recommend Twitter Poster. It’s got two nasty ‘spam’ like features that you may find disturbing:

    1t posts links in Twitter as tweets AND it puts links in YOUR posts. While there is an option to remove the first (I remember I checked it carefully, but still got tweets), there is NO option to remove them from your blog, and it is a dofollow link, too.

    So, it is a nasty piece of spamware, which could get your blog/site a PR0 without you realizing it. And there is no way to select which links appear or where. And I was prepared to live with the tweet function, until I realized it put sponsored links in posts.

    Stay AWAY from this plugin. WP have not yet seen fit to remove it from their site, but they really should, if they are consistent to their principles.

    That is incorrect. The checkbox option works for both posts and tweet sponsor links, I recommend you use the latest version which has bug fixes for bug found on some versions of WP, if you still have problems, log a bug

    I remove this bad plugin and they STILL MADE SPAN IN MY POST!

    I insert the text in the post text, i have to edit more than 10 posts to remove this SPAN PLUGIN!


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