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  • I get a lot of:

    No public Twitter messages

    on my site. No all the times though.

    And trust me there are public Twitter messages on my twitter (they all are)

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  • Same thing is happening to me. I just installed it and used the php code, not the widget and I get that there are no public twitter messages.

    Me too! Same problem.

    What’s up?


    PS. Was working fine…and then just stopped working…no changes to WP or Twitter settings…

    When you write out the tag… instead of putting in your Twitter username ex. “lhuber” use your twitter ID # ex. 10856102

    To get your Twitter ID #…
    Log into Twitter
    Click on your username so that you get to the page of just your tweets
    Mouse over the RSS feed link.
    You will see the RSS feed link uses TWITTER_ID.rss now, not USERNAME.rss

    Even after that it doesn’t work. Looks like this plugin works with WP 2.7 but not with 2.7.1

    Can someone confirm on that?

    Even using my ID# can’t get it to work. Using 2.6.5

    Using the twitter supplied feed and its working great. Just uses javascript.

    Find it at then click ‘other’.

    Im getting the same error! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt sayinf no public twitter messages?

    ist there a fix for this?


    Same problem here using 2.7.1

    yeap! same here on 2.7.1 with buddypress… any ideas? Twitter API limits?

    The problem appears to be with the fetch_rss() function which apparently works via Magpie.

    Both the plugin and a manually constructed rss fetcher work fine on my localhost test machine, but fail to grab the feed on the server.

    I’ll post more if I find any solutions.

    Alright, I have it working — at least momentarily.

    You can add this line to the plugin or a functions.php

    define('MAGPIE_FETCH_TIME_OUT', 5);

    Feel free to change the time out to something shorter (in seconds).

    Boo! I posted too soon

    Now it’s back to not working. Even with greater time outs it’s not grabbing the feed. I wonder what made it work then decide not to.

    Hopefully I’ll post a new solution soon.

    Just to add to this, I am seeing the same thing. The other weirdness is that I will see one page, say the homepage, with my tweets and then I navigate to an archive page and it shows “no public posts”. Completely weird. I am running super-cache and cleared the cache and then the problem reversed itself. (“no public posts” on the homepage and normal tweets on the archive page.) Very odd. I have temporarily switched to twitter tools, but liked the simplicity of Twitter for WordPress.

    Just to clarify, this is not this plugin’s error. I’ve used Twitter Tools with similar errors and even wrote a function using SimplePie to get the Twitter RSS feed instead of Magpie and it comes up with intermittent feed-grabbing errors.

    The problems all seem to be server based as I have no issues whatsoever from the localhost. I’ve checked up and down Google, phpinfo(), and PHP setting changes to no avail.

    I’m going to try the RSS widget next, but in order to get the feed the way I like, I’m going to have to customize this as well. I’d much rather use a simple plugin like this.

    It looks like there is a bug (seems to be related to this issue) on line 158 of the plugin (twitter.php). It fetches the messages using the standard fetch_rss, but the url passes in an unset $username variable. I don’t believe this line is needed, and it returns an empty feed obviously as there is no username. With this removed, the widget is now only making the request once, and I haven’t had any issues so far, even with magpie cache enabled (the twitter widget disables it by default). I’d like to hear if removing line 158 fixes the issue for anyone else.

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