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  • Resolved Rachel


    I installed the Twitter Feed for WordPress plugin on my local server, and it functioned beautifully. When I put it on my live site, it gave me the following error:

    The connection to twitter has returned an error. Please try again later.

    I am continually getting this error message, despite testing it by turning off all other plugins. What else could be causing this error?

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  • Also, I have the same version of WordPress (3.2.1) installed in both places, and I am using the same theme. You can view the live site here: my website.

    I have exactly the same problem. Running wordpress 3.1.4
    Plugin worked fine for a couple of months, and all of a sudden it stopped working.

    Works on local server but not online…

    Plugin Contributor Peadig


    hi guys.

    this error is not down to the plugin but instead an error from not pulling the feed from twitter. if it is down, it’s twitter’s bad not the plugin.

    in the next version i’m going to add an option to change the error message (if that helps).

    Hi Peer,
    But then why does it work on a localhost installation and not online?

    I am going to run some further tests. If I find something I will send you feedback.

    Thanks, Pleer. I knew it wasn’t the plugin itself, but I wasn’t sure if others had experienced some conflict with other plugins or other things that would keep the plugin from working (given that it was working on my local server).

    Tinsterman, I saw on another forum that Twitter has been blocking IPs from certain website hosts. It could be that Twitter is not allowing your IP to pull the feed, which is why it works locally but not live. I assume that’s what happened with mine.

    I’ve switched to using the Twitter widget (with custom CSS) to work around the problem. I’m certainly keeping this plugin in mind for when those issues get sorted out, though. It’s a great tool with a lot of flexibility.

    @rmcrober – thanks for the info. I will test twitter widget out, and look into the IP blocking.

    I see the connection error sporadically. The feed shows fine many times, then suddenly loses the connection for a while, then eventually it comes back.

    The error on my site was due to IP blocking from Twitter, my site is on Bluehost and apparently another site on a similar ip range had been spamming twitter or abusing policy. Bluehost has resolved the problem.

    So to sum up the plugin works perfectly.

    Actually, I’m getting an error too. It seems that when I remove the other=”yes” attribute, it works.

    However, if I do remove that attribute, it only shows 1 tweet! 🙁

    Plugin Contributor Peadig


    @rapidz – this is because other=yes asks for a different feed. the primary feed only gets tweets up to a week old.

    Mine has been giving me the Connection error very often even though other=yes is enabled. 🙁

    I am also getting this error. Setting other=”yes” makes no difference. Sometimes it works, sometimes I get the error. Does anyone know of a good twitter plugin or customisable widget which doesn’t have this problem? Or is this really just an issue with the Twitter feed?

    Hi Alex/Pleer and All

    Thanks for your help yesterday through twitter.

    it was working great till last night, but now it has started showing this connection error since morning.

    If it is a problem with twitter, then how can we avert/escape this?

    Do anyone have a solution?

    Thanks in advance, waiting for a solution.

    I have been having this problem as well.

    It works fine on my local copy of my site and on a demo I have hosted. Yet when it is on the live server it returns the same error message.

    I have traced it back to a rate limiting problem on twitters end.

    Now if the caching was working correctly then this probably shouldn’t be much of an issue, so it is either the shared server having other twitter calls that reach the limit of 150 per hour, or the caching isn’t working.

    Also having this problem. The other=no feed works fine, but isn’t adequate as it only pulls tweets less than a week old. The other=yes feed works at first, but then gives Twitter connection errors after a while.

    I implemented caching so I know for a fact that no more than one request per hour could be made to the API, but still getting the connection problem. Yet the documentation says I should be able to make up to 150 unauthenticated requests per hour…

    Has anyone found a way around this? Or is it a different problem altogether?

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