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  • I’ve been looking for a solution for importing Twitter into WordPress. These are the features I’d really like:

    – Import all tweets from specific names, without requiring a hashtag
    – Import tweets from specific hashtags (not as a filter like it seems to be now, but all tweets using that hashtag)
    – Being able to assign different sets of tweets to different categories. i.e. setting up certain names and hashtags to go to one category, a second set to a different category, etc.
    – Looking at each tweet and when there is a link to a photo (whether Twitter’s own photo hosting, or services like twitpic, yfrog, instragram, etc.) importing that photo into WordPress and presenting it in the post
    – The ability to go back and import all historical posts by specified users
    – The ability to add a twitter user, and then be asked if you want to import all historical posts for that user
    – Per the above, it would be nice if the admin interface showed a list of twitter users and hashtags with some stats on them, like how many tweets have been imported, when the last one was imported, etc.
    – Very important – converting hashtags in tweets into tags in posts

    So a use case – I create a set call ‘Employees’ that includes the twitter names of 100 employees in a company. I assign those to a category called ‘Employee Tweets’. When adding the list of 100 employee names, I am asked if I want to import all previous tweets, and I say yes. I create a second set called ‘Related Hashtags’ that includes several hashtags related to what we do. Those get assigned to a category called ‘Related Themes’. I also import historical tweets for these hashtags (although publicly twitter only keeps something like 10 days of tweets – it would be very cool if you could go through those tweets already imported and check to see if any include the hashtags in this category, and if so add this second category to those tweets).

    Any chance these features can be added? Thanks.

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  • seconded.

    some very good and useful feature ideas

    Plugin Author Chandesh Parekh


    Philipt18, thanks for the suggestions. Some are on my roadmap and others I hadn’t even thought of so thanks, will try & work them into the development.

    One more suggestion – expanding shortened URLs. For the same reason that importing images is so important for an archive, expanding the URLs is also very important, as if the URL shortening service disappears, the links in the tweets will cease to work.

    Some people might not want to change the text of the tweet, so you could leave in the original URL and change the URL it links to, or could add it in parenthesis, or something along those lines. Options are always nice. There are a few services with APIs for expanding URLs that I’m aware of, but there may be more. Supporting more than one service is always a good idea as well, as they can disappear. Here are two services with APIs:

    Plugin Author Chandesh Parekh


    philipt18, excellent suggestion; Had not considered that a shortening service may not be available one day .

    Also check some suggestions listed here:

    Ability to post as a specific post format is a must for such a plugin. A big blog post for a simple tweet is a bit too much. Also ability to customize the title of such posts.

    Plugin Author Chandesh Parekh


    Hi Navjot,

    Many thanks for pointing me to that review & suggestions – taking them on board. Please feel free to post any other suggestions you may have here – I’ll keep an eye on the requests.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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