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[Plugin: Tweetmeme Button] Quick question

  • Firstly I’m loving Tweetmeme ,super addicted!!

    Just one quick question:
    I’ve enabled the button and upon selecting it, it obviously publishes to twitter. What is the character or letters mean?

    An example:
    RT @tweetmeme 20 2009 SA Blog Awards | d PS3Blog.co.za 35 http://bit.ly/5Ewwj

    What’s is the signifigance of “RT” OR “| d ” OR the number “35”?

    Is it a problem on myside or is this so tweetmeme.com can distinguish whats a video,blog etc post?


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  • Hi ps3blog,

    We have now solved your problem with the strange characters appearing in the tweet. It was caused by the incorrectly encoding your charset. The RT is standard twitter terminology for retweet.

    Does this plugin allow you to specify the address for the URL in the tweet? Or does it automatically take the URL from the page where the button was displayed?

    It’ll be great if you could have the option of both! 😀


    @mchriston it will automatically take the link of the page if no url is defined. We prefer users to specify the url of the page because then it stops the possibility of their being two url’s for the same post, like paging etc.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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