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  • I’m seeing the same thing.

    Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    What web hosting company are you using?

    I’m looking at the code now to see what could cause that to hang there, it may be the function it runs to post is getting blocked, so I’ll work out an alternate way too just in case which should fix it for you guys.

    If you could let me know the hosting provider that would be great!

    I worked out a 1and1 issue a couple of days ago so there are still some hosting providers with custom setups that I need to create some workarounds.

    Thanks for letting me know about the issue.

    Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    Are you able to check the error logs on your server/hosting account? See if there’s anything in there related to the plugin?

    I’m wondering if your server configuration prevents one of the functions from running which keeps the auto tweet from working.

    If that’s the case, I can write up an alternate way that it also tries to get around that and let the plugin work.


    I’m using DreamHost.

    Since I’m not a programmer, I don’t know how to see/acess the logs. But If you guide me, I can do it for sure.

    If you prefer, We can chat through email, so we can have answers quicker: [ email redacted ]

    Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    Thanks! I just sent you an email. – not seeing anything in the error logs or plugin log yet – will try another test.

    Running Apache, suPHP and modsec if that helps.

    Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    Thanks for your patience. I found the issue and am testing a workaround on my own test account with Dreamhost.

    I will let you know once I’ve confirmed that it’s working.

    Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    Looks like my fix worked. I’ll let it run just a couple more times to make sure everything cool and submit a fix to the WordPress repo.

    @mahodder if you email me ( I can send you the manual fix so you can edit the plugin and get it working right away. Otherwise, as soon as WordPress has the update, your blog can check for updates and update it automatically that way.

    I can wait till it’s live no big rush – will report back.

    Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    No worries, I actually like taking care of these AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!

    I just submitted the fix so you can now download version 2.3.1 of the plugin and get the fix. My Dream host test account was caching the automatic update, so I had to delete the plugin and then install it again for the new version to appear.

    Anyway, here’s the fix:

    Click plugins > Editor > select the file top-core.php

    Search for:

    $last = $wpdb->get_var(“select option_value from wp_options where option_name = ‘top_opt_last_update’;”);

    Replace line with:

    $last = $wpdb->get_var(“select option_value from $wpdb->options where option_name = ‘top_opt_last_update’;”);

    Save and you should be set.

    Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    New code is now available on the WordPress code site and tested on multiple blogs! It should now be fixed.

    It did post but we had a flood of about 17 posts, instead of just 1.

    Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    What’s your Twitter account?

    Also, what plugins are you using?

    Do you have access to your WordPress database through PHPMyAdmin? I may need to look in there to see what values it has stored for the tweet time.

    Also, are you running version 2.3.1?

    If you want to follow my tests, I’m doing some with a new clean twitter account. firs 1 msg/minute, then 1/6min and now 1/30min (more or less).

    The account is @lojinha_QF

    I’m wondering if it’s all the back ones from when I was doing the initial testing and they weren’t posting? Does it store them somewhere before they post – so when the first real one fired all the others did too?

    Yes 2.3.1

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