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  • Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    Thanks Dave, the plugin is based on the tweet old post code base as listed in the readme file. Let me tweak it so that you can run both at the same time.

    Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    Hi Dave,

    The complete separate is taking a bit longer than I thought since there are TONS of variables to switch over and then testing.

    Are you desperate to run both? I just committed version 2.0 which fixes switching
    between the 2 plugins. I’ll be doing the complete separate in a future version over the next week.

    Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    I have this scheduled on a future version of the plugin so for now it’ll have to be one or the other.

    Version 2.0 clears out any previous setting that would conflict so as long as you’ve deactivated the old plugin, then install and activate version 2.0 of Tweetily, you should be set.

    Hello Flavio.

    I just had a major problem with Tweet Old Post. He caused two major floods in my timeline, with 50+ tweets in less than 2 minutes. I think it’s a conflict with some cache plugin I installed today (following Dreamhosts suggestions). So, my question, is:

    1) It makes sense for you to you that i’ts the cause of the floods? Just want to know your opinion…

    2) Is your plugin prepared to work with those cache plugins? I mean… can I use it without the risk of lost more followers that I already lost today because of the floods? O_o 🙂


    Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    Yes, that’s ONE of the MAJOR issues with the Tweet Old Posts plugin and some more are due to the way the Twitter authentication is done which causes TONS of people to have problems logging in.

    I rebuilt the plugin because I use caching on my site and needed it to work with it.

    So yes, Tweetily does solve the caching issue. It also fixes the Twitter authentication issue.

    I also added a couple of nice notification features and also cleaned up the text for the plugin since it wasn’t always really clear on the options.

    Plus, I’m online and available to provide any support you need with it. So if you ever run into any issues, let me know and I’ll jump in and help!

    I hope you’ll give it a shot!

    Hello Flavio,

    While not having both plugins running is not ideal in terms of resources the reason I wanted both to run was to vary tweets by category.

    Example: Standard tweetily settings tweet out an old post based on some settings.

    What I wanted was the ability to tweet out old posts based on categories and hashtags.

    In otherwords if I have a category about TV shows. I’d like to use the hash tag #tvshows. But if I also have a category called blockbustermovies then the hashtag #tvshows makes no sense.

    Essentially I’d like old post categories to have the option of adding additional #tags or text based on the category. At the moment you can only add one default setting.

    Hence having both plugins active would mean I could do that for at least two categories.

    Hope that made sense!

    Dave, great Idea! I can use this feature too!

    Flavio, is it possible? I mean… two or more configs/combos/setups, based on categories, tags, or something?

    Plugin Author Flavio Martins


    I’ll add that to my list of items to add in the next update.

    I’d love to see this plugin support api functionality. I know it would remove a lot of the features in this plugin but it would help you with the issue of dealing with multiple twitter accounts.

    Looks like this is not resolved.

    I tried to install the plugin today and it doesn´t work becouse i have the tweet old post already installed and working fine.

    I would like to use both plugins, but this is not compatible with my actual configuration.


    I tried this and it doesn’t work.

    I tried with tweet old post installed, activated, deactivated, and deleted.

    I am using Thesis Theme. Is the plugin compatible with that?

    Thanks in advance!

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