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  • In the next version would it be possible to set tweetbacks for nofollow in the options page. I like giving live links to people who deserve them, but there is absolutely no reason to give one to a specific tweet that gives you no SEO benefit.

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  • The tweets and links within are marked as rel=nofollow on my blogs when I checked – I’m pretty sure that’s something WordPress itself does automatically. Are you sure this isn’t already done?

    What you are seeing is wordpress’s native rel=nofollow which I have turned off.

    You’ve got nofollow turned off for comments but you want it on for tweetbacks?

    That seems unlikely to be something implemented for Average Joes who are gonna get confused about its utility. Also, I think it’d be something that would be changed in the plugin you use to turn the nofollows off, not in Tweetbacks itself. But I’m not really a coder, and I don’t know much about WP internals – you never know!


    having nofollow turned off for tweetbacks simply funnels google juice away from your blog giving nothing in return to you or the person who tweeted your post unlike comments. This should be standard Joost knows SEO better than this.

    adding a nofollow option to tweetbacks should be as simple as adding rel=”nofollow” to the link the plugin fetches. I am not a plugin coder so I can’t say where it would go at the moment.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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