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  • @x3r0ss:
    If you disable automatic refresh the only way tweets can be updated in cache is if one of your site visitors clicks on the refresh icon. If you don’t see anything updated that means nobody clicked. This is by design – if I make plugin refresh without user’s action that would make it “automatic” and thus would not make sense with automatic refresh disabled.

    I am concerned with the overloading issue. What was it? Bandwidth of CPU? What kind of traffic is your site getting? Are you using the latest version of Tweet Blender?

    Looks like I have a similar problem, which started with updating 3.10 to 3.1.1 (and now to 3.1.2). Since then tweet-blender doesn’t update tweets manually nor automatically. I reduced from 3 sources (which I’d need) to only one and tested in at least 3 different recent browsers (FF, IE, Opera).

    Site is live at, server is Apache 2.2.3, PHP 5.2.x, MySQL 5.0.x

    Modifications to tweet-blender files I made:
    tweets.css: inserted a line-height at line 83
    tweet-blender.php: added a few words in the Description (line 5)
    widget.php: translated “more tweets” to German (in lines 64 and 67)

    And, yes, I was very careful with those changes, checked a couple of times 😉
    Your help is very much appreciated.

    I just checked your site and looked at requests using Firebug plugin. I see that Tweet Blender is indeed refreshing every 60 seconds, as configured. The latest tweet is shown in the widget.

    I’ll do some more testing tonight and check things in IE. Will be in touch with updates

    Thanks for checking, @kirilln!
    In fact, the tweet showing up isn’t the most recent one. If you look at you’ll find 3 more tweets which are not shown on the site.

    Did some digging and see that the plugin is working OK but there is definitely a bug in Twitter search:

    If you go to and select “German” for the Written in field and put in “prvanews” into the From this person field you’ll get that same tweet that you see on your site.

    Prior to v3.1.0 the plugin used 2 separate APIs: search API and user timeline API. Timeline API pulled all tweets from the user but didn’t support advanced filtering capabilities; in addition, it made 1 request per username and hit the API limit much quicker. Starting with version 3.1.0 Tweet Blender uses only the search API and consolidates requests to conserve the API; so the results you see are the same as the results you’d see when using the advanced search results page.

    I already have a bug report out to Twitter regarding search results not showing all the tweets. Waiting to hear from Twitter. Here is more info:

    Go ahead and add your comment there or star that issue so Twitter guys see that it affects many people and prioritize it.

    thanks @kirilln for all the diggin’ 😉
    I don’t have any idea why twitter would just find this single tweet when filtering for language=”German”. Looks like some bug.
    For now I selected “any language” and I can live with the results (all tweets showing up), though I’d prefer to be able to filter re: language.
    Thx a lot!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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