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  • k…i emailed u after turn it back in my site .. Its not working still yet….

    Thanks so much for turning it back on and letting me test it. I found a bug and will fix it tonight: you have cache disabled but the Tweet Blender still tries to prepare the data for caching; however, the library needed is not loaded and as a result there is a JavaScript error.

    Should be a quick and easy fix. Please upgrade to v2.4.3 once it’s available and that should fix your problem with the blender showing just “Loading…”

    jQuery.toJSON is not a function

    That’s the error that’s probably causing this Kirill

    x3r0ss: that’s exactly it. This function comes from a jquery plugin that is not loaded if caching is disabled (that’s by design, to save on bandwidth & load time). I just need to fix a bug in the tweet blender code that still tries to use it.

    Wow…Its working fine now… try to make new version with automatic archive page rebuild. because many to face problem with that.. people like me saw the php execution plugin today only..

    for seeing the latest tweet blender plugin activated page , log on to

    I’m having the same issue. What’s the fix for this? My site is I’ve kept the widget installed at the bottom of the sidebar. Thanks!

    @bodylovewellness: I’ll take a look tonight and get back to you.

    I just pushed out a new version – 2.4.6 – in which I changed the way widget initializes. Please upgrade and let me know if you still experience the issue

    WordPress 2.9, Tweet Blender 2.4.7, Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7

    My tweets haven’t been updating as of late.


    just checked your site and the source you have does not seem to be correct. You entered lydia_cabasco

    which makes Tweet Blender think it’s a keyword and do a search. Search produces no results as you can see here:

    To fix this, you need to put “@” in front of your screen name so your source would become @lydia_cabasco. That will tell Tweet Blender that you want tweets from a user and it will use this page to get your tweets:

    Dang… I gave Tweet Blender a try… It has almost all of the features I need. But it doesn’t support re-tweets.

    Most of the tweets from my blog account are re-tweets of industry news and I can’t find any twitter widgets that will display them, even though they are present in the RSS feed.

    Can’t seem to get to the author’s site…

    @dnavarrojr: sorry, my site can’t sustain the traffic and goes down frequently.

    As far as retweets, it should pull all of them already although I haven’t done enough testing to verify that with the new re-tweets system. What are your sources? Is there a URL I can look at?

    I’m working on the next version and will definitely make sure retweets are supported.


    My tweet-archive is stuck on initializing. I was wondering if you could take a look?

    Thanks in advance!!

    @borellidesigns: I’m almost done with v3.0.0 which resolves this problem: the page now loads with tweets already on it. Stay tuned, I’m just a few days away from the release.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 51 total)
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