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  • Tweet Blender uses Twitter search to pull tweets in. I’m looking at and see the same tweets as on your site so it is working properly. The issue is that they don’t yet show up in search on Twitter. I’m working on a fix to work around Twitter’s issues.

    Thank you… Based on this limitation, how frequently should I expect tweets to be pulled in?

    I don’t have much visibility into Twitter’s business logic but they did publish some info regarding the issues of tweets missing from search (a very common issue by the way). Check out Bottom line is it could either be a Twitter bug or tweets might not show because Twitter search thinks they are not relevant.

    In the past Tweet Blender used a different API to pull in tweets for specific users. Search API was used only for hashtags and keywords. I see now that search API is not ready for prime time so I’ll provide an option to revert back to the older user timeline API that pulls all the tweets for a user all the time and works well.

    Give me about a week to add it back.

    Two questions:

    1. Are all Tweet Blender users seeing the same delay as me?

    2. What about using the Twitter RSS feed, which appears to be current?

    1. Not all but I’ve received a few reports like that. I even filed a ticket with Twitter for one of the users ( They did something with his account and tweets started appearing.

    2. The RSS is the same as that older API I mentioned above.

    Should I file a ticket for my Twitter account?

    Thanks, again, for your help.

    Yes, that might be a good idea. And if Twitter doesn’t address it then just upgrade to the next feature release of Tweet Blender once it’s available.

    Thanks for your help… I contacted Twitter. They acknowledged my concern, but did not fix the problem…. When will the next release of Tweet Blender be available? I’m eager to launch my blog, but don’t want to do it until this is working. Thanks, so much, for your help. I appreciate it.

    Hmm, that’s some pressure 🙂

    I’m working on it right now. Should be live shortly.

    Just pushed out 3.1.6 which includes a new checkbox under “Advanced” tab that allows to switch back to user timeline API. Enjoy!

    It works!!!! Thank you so much for being responsive here and for making the needed fix. I really appreciate your help. I’m new to WordPress and I am so appreciative of your assistance. I spent hours and hours experimenting with twitter widgets and found yours to be the best. Thanks, again!!!!

    Glad to help and enjoy the plugin!

    Whenever you get a chance, please mark this topic as “resolved”

    Hi. I’ve installed Tweet Blender yesterday, and at first it seemed to be working fine, but then it just stopped refreshing. The last update was 20h ago, and it has been still ever since.

    I’ve tried your suggested fix of switching to user timeline API, but with no luck. I’ve then deactivated/reactivated the plugin, and it’s still not working. Strangest thing is that it seems to have completely frozen in time, because when I reactivated the plugin I added different Twitter accounts than the ones I had before, but I’m still seeing the old ones, with the tweets from 20h ago. The widget for tags has never worked.

    I’ve noticed that the plugin site is also down. Has the service broken down?


    Plugin site is down due to high traffic – I’ll restore it tonight.

    What’s the url of your site? I’ll take a look at your refresh issues.

    Plugin working fine, thanks for reply

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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