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  • Nice plugin!

    1. I get that I can add multiple users into one “blend”, but I tried to add a Twitter list and it didn’t work. Is there any way to run a feed from a Twitter list? With a list, I can easily (in Twitter) decide who is in and out of the list.

    2. The other advantage of your plugin is the ability to run many Twitter updates in one page. I’ve been able to exceed a limit of 20 Tweets using other Twitter plugins, and even RSS feeds from list pages. 20 isn’t enough for my purposes. How do you get to pull in so many? Maybe if I know I can amend an RSS plugin to better suit my needs.

    3. I have tweaked all the options in the Dashboard, but I still get a lot of junk (replies, conversations, etc) showing up in my blended feeds. What can I do about this?

    4. I’m worried about server resources. I’m trying to run a site that features Twitter feeds. I need a widget for each page, as they relate to specific countries, and I’d like around 200 or so Tweets to show up. With 20+ countries, I’m worried I’m going to kill my server. Advice? For another site I want to the same for about 60 countries.

    Thanks for any responses

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  • Plugin Author kirilln



    1. The lists should be supported and I tested with my list @tweetblender/testlist to ensure things work. How did you add it? Did you use the @user/list format?

    2. The plugin uses advanced caching mechanism and is also smart about grouping multiple sources into single query to save on API calls. This makes it work better with Twitter’s API connections limit

    3. Have you tried different filters under WP Admin > Settings > Tweet Blender > Filters tab? If you did and they had no effect then it’s possible that you are not using the @ for usernames when you define sources. If you put knovitchenko you’ll get results of a search for a keyword and that will ignore reply filters, mention filters, etc. But if you put @knovitchenko then the plugin will know it’s a username and apply proper filters you turned on.

    4. The widget doesn’t tax the server for blending. All the communication with Twitter happens in user’s browsers. It does take a toll for cache updates so if you plan a traffic-heavy site you might consider turning off caching.

    Hi Krillin,

    Great plugin/widget, am absolutely loving it, well done. Two things if I may.

    1. I am running a few domains with WP and your wifget. On a shared hosting business with Host gator. Find that all of them eat the 150 per hour API Twitter limit. I have seen the rerouting option, but didn’t know if it would work. Just about to upgrade to reseller with dedicated IP to get round it but it is $$$. Is this the only option?

    2. I love the archive page as it helps with content and SEO, but after the 500 limit is reached, does it store the tweets any where else or do they just ‘fall off’ the site in terms of viewing? I would love them to index on that page say at every 100. Then you may have 25+ pages under the ‘archive’ heading?

    Anyway let me know and well done again.



    Plugin Author kirilln



    1) There are actually 2 limits. One on the server (shared by all users) and one on your personal computer. The server limit kicks in only if you have private accounts in your blend (oAuth) or if you choose to reroute traffic. The other one is for each user individually – when you reach your limit, other visitors of your site are not affected. Here is a page where I tried to give all the details and possible solutions –
    The Switching to reroute option is not the best solution, especially if it requires a costly upgrade

    2) Tweets are archived and are kept in the archive even if there are more than 500. I am planning to add pagination or progressive disclosure to the archive page –
    Sometime in june


    Hi Krillin.

    Thank you for the prompt reply.

    With 1. I am still lost I think! Basically I don’t care if my PC times out and I don’t see the new tweets. I will eventually have 10 WP sites each with the widget. Is it right then that if I have shared hosting and each site has the same IP, that only affect sme? All visitors will have the 150 each? If that is the case there is no point in me upgrading. I thought that if the limit was reached by me, this affected what visitors saw. You may have just saved me $50 a month!

    2. Great – this will be a welcome addition, even if it is hard work.

    Also do you have a donation button anywhere? I would like to donate each occasion I use it, Thanks


    Plugin Author kirilln


    1) Yes, each visitor has his own 150 limit. One important note: if you have caching turned on, with some configurations you might get heavy load on the server. More info at -
    So shared hosting + cache is still walking a fine line. Depending on your configuration it may be OK but it may also tax the resources too much. Try it on a test server or try adding widgets one by one and monitor performance.

    As far as donation, that would be awesome! The “Donate to this plugin” link is on the WP plugin page

    Perfect, great new!

    I want the reseller option anyway so that I have a cpanel for each. Thats $25 a month which is fine. The dedicated IP was going to cost another $2 per site and I will eventually have 20. For now I will only have 10 that I am building one by one so I can keep and eye on it and add dedicated IP and bandwidth if/and/or when necessary.

    I will follow the link provided and hope others do too. A great piece of software.

    Thanks and speak soon.


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