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  • I’ve been having the same problem as others for the last couple weeks. I enter my credentials, specify a blog to import, then wait. And wait. A week goes by, and I figure *something* should’ve happened by now.

    I found this thread with the tip about turning off the custom domain for the Tumblr blog you want to import, but I’ve run into what seems to be a new problem.

    Today I cleared my Tumblr credentials from the importer to start fresh. I was about to shut off my custom domain when I found that the importer can’t even connect to Tumblr anymore. I get “Tumblr replied with an error:” but, of course, the error is blank.

    I tried emailing Tumblr about this and I’m not entirely sure the rep who replied understood what I was asking. But if they did, they made it sound like WordPress’ Tumblr importer isn’t supported by their API.

    Anyone know what’s up? Has there been an official word from WordPress about what’s going on? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Seems to still work okay to me on my test setup.

    Tumblr’s system frequently goes down or stops working at random intervals, often for no reason. That’s why the plugin basically keeps trying over and over until it gets the information.

    That said, if your site can’t talk to tumblr’s servers, then obviously it’s not going to work. There’s loads and loads of ways that an error could occur here, some having to do with your own server not working properly or being configured to make external connections, some having to do with being firewalled, etc. There’s no real way to tell why it’s not working without having a programmer go in and debug it.

    If you do figure out what the problem is, and can tell us, then we might be able to fix it in the next version of the plugin.

    So it looks like the operation finally worked. Though, if you’re taking feedback on how the importer performs, post media and formats weren’t preserved very well. Example:

    No media was downloaded and imported or apparently even linked (though, depending on when you read this, I might have fixed that. I plan to do it all manually one of these nights soon because I need to complete this move sooner than later). All images appear to be broken. Link posts are also formatted very strangely. I’m using a theme from WooThemes that supports post formats, but check out this link post:

    The headline is not actually linked to the external site, but the first line of the post is “Link: [headline of the post]” and _that_’s linked.

    Thanks for following up on this by the way.

    For what it’s worth: I’ve been talking to Tumblr support as well and they’re up for being contacted if they can help at all:

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