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    I’ve seen multiple posts here from people with thumbnails not working due to multiple jquery files. I probably have the same thing, but I see quite a lot of jquery files and I really don’t know which ones I need and which ones I don’t need. Firebug does show this error:

    Caught exception when booting TubePress: TypeError: c is undefined
    tubepr…r=3.4.1 (line 1)

    Is my issue jquery as well, and which one should I remove? Will this break my other plugins?

    This is the link:
    The site is currently not live yet, so in order for the page to load on the right server, you need to edit this in your hosts file. Sorry about that:

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author Eric


    You have two copies of jQuery being loaded:

    You’ll want to get rid of the first one ( as it’s outdated. Looking at your site’s HTML, I’d say it’s hardcoded by your theme. So you’ll probably just need to edit your theme’s header.php. Getting rid of this will not break anything – in fact it will improve your site’s load time.

    Good luck!


    Thanks for your response! I removed the first one you suggested, unfortunately this did not resolve the problem.

    Do you have any other ideas?


    Plugin Author Eric


    The new problem is that jQuery is getting loaded after TubePress. In almost all cases, this is caused by the theme not properly calling wp_head(). wp_head() takes care of loading JavaScript in the correct order so that dependency problems like this don’t happen.

    I would contact your theme author for some assistance, or you could try to hack away at it on your own..


    So once wp_head is used properly, will it fix the current errors in firebug? I got a lot more errors now that I removed the jquery.min.js script, this also broke my image-gallery. Or should I add this back? (I can include the normal jquery I guess instead of the .min.js?

    The last 3 lines before </head> are like this:

    <?php } ?>
    	<?php wp_head(); ?>

    I don’t really know PHP but from my understanding this is the correct way to do it. Do you know of an easy fix? I can edit the php files. I’ll contact the theme author (it’s a Leetpress theme) if there’s no other way, but it’ll probably take a lot longer, heh.

    Thanks in advance,

    Sorry for the doublepost, I cannot edit my post anymore.

    I made a ticket with my theme developer. Hopefully they’ll be able to help me further/fix it.

    If they cannot help me any further, would you be able to have a look at the code and maybe spot what’s going on? Would this be part of your “Pro”-package?

    I want to get the Pro version anyways for some of its features (HTTPS/Multiple video sources) but I need to make sure it’ll actually work with my theme first.


    Plugin Author Eric


    Priority support is part of the TubePress Pro package, which means that I’ll do my very best to assist you in integrating TubePress Pro into your theme. Most of the time, this is straightforward and we’re usually able to resolve any integration bugs quickly. But I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to sift through reams of 3rd-party code to solve an issue. Like I said this usually never happens, I just want to set expectations!


    It seems the problem is not wp_head, but rather a combination of plug-ins. I think (but my experience is too limited to be sure of this) that it is caused by the Pages I created. On them, multiple javascript files get loaded. (tubepress, LiveTV, NextGEN Gallery, all of them) so they probably interfere with each other.

    I’m able to get all plugins to work on their own, but when I try enabling them all some break, depending on the combination of plugins I enable.

    So what I think is the solution is some way to only load the files used by the plugin when I actually use the []-tag on a page, and not by default on all pages. That way the plugins shouldn’t interfere with eachother.

    The support thread for the LiveTV addon is here:

    It might give some insight in where the problem(s(?)) exactly are caused, but I do feel quite lost, since I have no idea on who I should contact for which issue.

    Plugin Author Eric


    Is still the page with TubePress on it? Doesn’t seem to be loading for me…

    There is a ticket filed to allow TubePress to load only on specified pages, but it’s not yet implemented.


    It’s working – you probably removed it from your hosts file. I’ll fix it in the DNS once everything is working and the site can go “live”, for now it needs a manual setting in the hostsfile:

    As of now TubePress is working, however the gallery is not.

    The first error there normally is:
    [cycle] terminating; too few slides: 0 frontend.js:8
    Where frontend.js is from another plugin, LiveTV. That’s I think the first thing that needs fixing. If I rename frontend.js to prevent it from loading, another error pops up on the Gallery(and other pages), this one caused by TubePress:
    Caught exception when booting TubePress: TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'cycle' tubepress.js:1

    I left it (frontend.js) renamed for now so you can investigate the tubepress error. If you want, I can also rename frontend.js back to how it was, but it’ll hide the tubepress.js error.

    Thank you,

    Sorry – WordPress automatically adds the http:// infront of a domain. It should be without the http:// part in the hosts file.

    As an update – it seems that frontend.js (from LiveTV Plugin) causes TubePress to work. With frontend.js correctly installed, the thumbnails do work, but once I rename frontend.js (to frontend.js-tmp for example) the thumbnails no longer respond when clicking them. Even though frontend.js is not part of TubePress.

    A very minor (completely different thing) is that the videos sometimes do an API call to Youtube ([blocked] The page at ran insecure content from
    At this point it asks me if I want to run insecure content. The videos themselfs do work however, over https. Is it possible to also do the API call over https, to prevent the Insecure content warning?

    Thanks again for all your help, sorry for all the questions.


    I changed some addons around to see if that fixed it – I managed to get pretty much all plugins working now. There’s some minor things, but that’s unrelated.

    The cycle error remains (the too few slides one) – but this doesn’t seem to break anything at the moment. So that’s good. Basically that leaves one thing for me:

    Is it possible to also get the Youtube API call through HTTPS, to prevent the “Insecure content”-warning? (See above post)

    Thanks again, we’re almost there now, heh.

    Plugin Author Eric


    Good to hear! TubePress Pro offers full HTTPS support, so you’ll need to upgrade in order to get rid of that warning. As you know, it’s not *really* breaking your site, but definitely can be an inconvenience.


    I am currently using TubePress Pro 🙂 The Youtube page itself does load through HTTPS, but the API call is done through HTTP.

    And indeed, it is a minor inconvenience. For the users/visitors It’d be good not have have such warnings.


    Plugin Author Eric


    Did you check the “HTTPS” box over at WP Admin > Settings > TubePress > Advanced? That should do it for you…

    Yes – if I uncheck that the video itself tries to load in HTTP, but having it checked loads the video through HTTPS. However it tries to do an API call to youtube, which is the thing that it triggers on.

    I made a screenshot for clarity. (The warning is triggered on the [blocked] part, not that other error.)

    View post on

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