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[Plugin: TubePress] Plugin slows Admin down

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  • Plugin Author Eric


    Do you have a link to a page that shows the [can not connect to host] error? If so, please share it so we can take a first-hand look.

    As for the admin page slowing down, is this something that is new with version 2.4.0? Or is this your first time installing and using TubePress?

    I’m seeing the same thing. I clicked upgrade too fast despite the warning that 1/2 people reported it broken. With 2.4.0 active, TinyMCE will not load. I cannot edit anything. It spins and spins and you get the eidt screen, but teh content box is empty and you can’t select HTML.

    Disable the plugin and everything works. Previous version worked fine. Have used this for a long time.

    Plugin Author Eric


    Nothing related the admin side has really changed in this release, other than rearranging some of the tabs and upgrading the jQuery UI that the TubePress options page uses.

    What happens if you comment out one or both of these lines?

    Does that make any difference? That’s the only place where TubePress registers itself for use on the admin pages. I’m very interested in finding a fix for this. Thanks!

    Bizarre. I re-enabled the plugin to test this out, but before I commented out those two lines, and now editing seems to work fine.

    However, my tubepress entries in old posts are returning ‘Invalid request URI’….

    Plugin Author Eric


    Not sure why disabling the re-enabling the plugin worked, but as long as the performance is back to normal..

    As for the invalid request URI, this is a bug that two other users have reported. I’ve filed a ticket and would like to continue the discussion there. Please star the issue to track updates. I’d like to have a fix for this bug within 24 hours, but first I’ll need to track down exactly what’s going wrong.

    I have since removed the plug in as it was coming up with the [can not connect to host] and i can’t really have that on the site.. it’s now just a link to my youtube. But if this does get fixed I think this is an awesome plugin and would put it back on..

    it normally resides on this pages


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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