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    On my website on the videos page I use the Tubepress plugin.
    But I cannot navigate to a different page. When I click on next or a different page number it just stays on the first page.
    This problem is not Tubepress’ fault though. I have the same problem with the Fotobook plugin I use on my photos page.
    But I can’t figure out what’s the problem. So if anyone could check it out and help me with this I would really appreciate it!


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  • Anyone?

    Plugin Author Eric


    It’s either an interfering plugin, or a server misconfiguration (.htaccess, etc). TubePress is generating the correct URLs (e.g. but it’s getting ignored by your server.

    I’d lean towards a mod_rewrite rule that’s stripping off the query params.

    Also note that you’re using a heavily outdated version of TubePress. FYI 😉

    Thanks for replying!

    I’ll try and disable all the plugins and reactivate them one by one to see if there’s a plugin that’s causing the problem.

    If not, I’ll try the mod_rewrite rule. But how do I do that exactly? I know how to edit the .htaccess file and I know what a mod_rewrite rule does more or less, but I don’t know what the syntax would look like.

    And I’m aware I’m using an outdated version of Tubepress 🙂
    The version after that screwed up my layout so I stuck with the 2.0

    Woohoo! Already found the problem. The plugin WordPress SEO caused it.
    More specifically the setting ‘Redirect ugly URL’s to clean permalinks.’ needs to be disabled.

    And this is what’s written below this setting:
    ‘People make mistakes in their links towards you sometimes, or unwanted parameters are added to the end of your URLs, this allows you to redirect them all away. Please note that while this is a feature that is actively maintained, it is known to break several plugins, and should for that reason be the first feature you disable when you encounter issues after installing this plugin.’

    Wow, now I just feel stupid 🙂

    Wow…… you just saved me a ton of headaches and time. Thank you for responding back with your fix. More people should do the same. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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