[Plugin: Tubepress] How to resolve conflicting Shadowbox installations (3 posts)

  1. ipcst
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have been trying to get Tubepress to open videos in a Shadowbox. Opening them in a popup or any other [playerLocation] is fine.

    Then I realised what the problem was. I already had Shadowbox installed when I installed Tubepress, and Tubepress installed another instance of Shadowbox. If I deactivate my 'main' Shadowbox then Tubepress works OK, the videos open in a Shadowbox.

    But I want to use Shadowbox for other stuff as well. So how do I get Tubepress to use the 'main' shadowbox plugin installation and not the one in its sys/ui/static/players folder?

    Here's the page:

    The first row uses playerLocation="popup"
    the second row uses playerLocation="shadowbox" (set as default)
    the third row are individually embedded with their own images (laborious and inflexible, doesn't automatically update if I add new videos to Youtube)

    At the moment I have deleted the Shadowbox folder from sys/ui/static/players and re-activated the Shadowbox plugin.

    Many thanks for any help in advance.

    Patrick Cunningham

  2. ipcst
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I resolved this issue eventually. See this link for the solution:


    Hope this helps someone!

    Patrick Cunningham

  3. js33
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I just found a simple solution for this problem. Like you I already had shadowboxJS installed then I installed Tubepress. While Tubepress worked fine with a popup or jqModal(although not centered). I couldn't get it working with shadowbox. All I did was deactivate and reactivate the shadowboxJS plugin and now it works great with Tubepress without removing or altering any Tubepress files.

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