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[Plugin: TubePress] Blacklist display bug?

  • There seems to be a display bug when blacklisting videos from a gallery… I’ve put a gallery with vimeo videos (mode vimeoUploadedBy), and blacklisted couple of videos in the shortcode. Now, what happens is that in the sidebar widget, where 3 videos are set to be shown, if e.g. 3rd video from the vimeo channel is blacklisted, it doesn’t skip that video, and shows 4th instead, but just leaves empty space instead of a 3rd thumb. Same thing on the page with a gallery… In particular case, I am drawing videos from a channel with 8 videos, and 3rd & 8th videos are blacklisted. The shortcode on the page is set to show 6 videos per page, it shows 5 in a row on page 1 (1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th), then empty space instead of a thumb, and then the remaining 7th on page 2. If I set 5 videos per page, it shows 1,2,4,5 on page 1, empty space for a thumb, 6th & 7th on page 2. Etc…


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