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  • Hi. I actually have two problems. The one problem is really ticking me off because these certain videos keep showing up on my site like they are haunting me.

    I use tubepress WordPress plugin, and use the YouTube search in the plug-in setup for “recording studios” OR “best rock bands” or anything music related. These damn UK Amazon sales videos keep showing up. They are from all different users, and the tags they are labeled with have nothing to do with my search request.

    I have tried the short-codes (video id) which works, but I cannot watch all 5 pages of videos every day and add the id every time. Nothing seems to keep these videos off my page other than changing the search topic to something totally different.

    Question 2: I also am getting non-English speaking videos presented as well. I just want the English versions.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate any assistance!


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  • Plugin Author Eric



    When you have a search-based TubePress gallery, TubePress will use the YouTube API to perform the search. The API will search the entire video meta-data. So that includes anything in the description, title, etc. Not just tags.

    That said, there are two things you could do to get better results. The first is to use double quotes and/or the minus sign when setting your search terms. Double quotes will search for an exact phrase, and the minus sign will exclude things. e.g.

    "recording studios" -something -unwanted

    would return videos with the exact phrase “recording studios” excluding videos that match “something” or “unwanted”. Make sense? The second thing you could use is TubePress’s blacklist feature. You can set a comma-separated list of videos (identified by their YouTube ID) that should never be displayed from WP Admin > Settings > TubePress > Feed.

    Give those a whirl and let us know if it improves things for you?

    Thank you for the quick reply. I have tried to use the double quotes in the plugin setup – (YouTube search for) and when I save the settings, the box empties. So am I correct to assume that you can only do this in shortcode, or am I missing a setting somewhere?

    Any ideas on how to limit search results to English only?

    Thanks again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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