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    I liked this plugin as it was very easy to translate my new website.
    But I rushed in too early to select all the languages and then I realized the mess I had created as there were lot of “Duplicate meta descriptions”, “Short meta descriptions” and “Duplicate title tags” errors in Google Webmaster Tools.
    I tried to reduce the language support and finally uninstall this plugin to clean up the Google Webmaster Tools duplicate content errors.
    Can you specify an in-depth support of why those old language links still show up in Google Webmasters even if the Transposh plugin is removed (deleted)?
    Also, please specify a guide to uninstall plugin or reduce the language to avoid being flagged as duplicate content in search engines.
    I want to re-use this plugging when I know how to clean it up if a mess happens.

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  • Plugin Author Ofer Wald



    The reason that those are still there is that Google bot has no good way to know that urls has been removed besides the 404 (which does not really remove), and 410 (which does mean that, but your site does not generate).

    So it takes time.

    Now – what I can say about those warnings, is that ignoring them is probably the best idea, I have tons of those errors on and it still ranks nicely and is nicely found in the index.

    Adding some languages, actually translating them by hand, or at the least visiting them with auto-translate turned on. will make sure you’ll have much less of those errors.

    However, I am not sure its even avoidable at all, assuming you have a page titled Microsoft, or Google, what will this translate to? 😉 so is this really a duplicate? naa.

    I hope this helped, and good luck with the plugin, I suggest following the google guideline, of do I bring value to the users, I think that the Transposh answer is yes, sure!

    Thanks a lot for clarifying my doubts by your detailed response.
    Now I understood that it will take some time for Google to clean up. I’ve modified the robots.txt to block the languages and the numbers did reduced. Looks like I have to wait for some time.

    Also, I had the phobia of “Duplicate Content” and seems it is not a major factor as quality content.
    Thank you!

    @ofer Wald Any best way to deal with the duplicates like using robots.txt or tweaks ? Sometimes it really good to remove the duplicates in the webmaster tools as soon as possible.

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    @sureshpeters Please start your own topic. This one has been marked “resolved” and those typically don’t get looked at.

    Why would it? The problem was resolved already. 😉

    Plugin Author Ofer Wald


    @sureshpeters I think the best way to handle the duplicates is to avoid them/fix them, removal from google will probably happen anyhow

    Good luck,

    And as Jan said, better open a new topic next time

    @rootspirituality i need to talk about removing Transposh plugin if you can help me….shall i go with below steps:

    1. Remove Transposh plugin plugin.
    2. Wait for Google to cleanup that language links.
    3. Or disallow that links with robots.txt

    Is it ok to do like this without effecting website or you did anything else like i have same problem with “Duplicate meta descriptions” due to language links indexed in google. So please tell me steps to resolve this!


    Yes, I did all the steps
    1. Remove Transposh plugin
    2. Wait for Google to cleanup duplicate contents and meta descriptions (Took more than a month – I think)
    3. Modified the languages that were shown in Google’s duplicate content list in my websites robots.txt .
    Disallow: /ar/
    Disallow: /de/
    Disallow: /es/
    Disallow: /fr/
    Disallow: /gu/
    Disallow: /he/
    Disallow: /hi/
    Disallow: /id/
    Disallow: /it/
    Disallow: /kn/
    Disallow: /nl/
    Disallow: /pt/
    Disallow: /th/
    Disallow: /te/

    Use disallow to say the bots that hide the contents and Webmasters tools don’t show them is a good idea, but to clean database of these data. What table we must to delete or clean?

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