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  • Hey Dion,
    I’m interested in making this into a working torrent tracker if you like.
    I’ve needed a torrent tracker in the past for a couple of projects and being able to tie them into the WordPress websites would be the most convenient option.

    I recently started playing with OpenTorrent and created a rewrite of it I named ReOpen Tracker, which integrated a SQLite database that seems much more practical to me for what that script does.

    Anyways, my goal for that project is to make it more modular in design so it can easily be implemented into other projects, which is what I’d like to do with your TorrentPress.

    My commitment level to it at this point, due to time limitations, is I want to make it a pretty basic functional tracker with minimal options. At that point it can be expanded by others if someone else is interested or if I have time to mess with it beyond that.

    Your foundation code is a great start to this and I’d like to work with you to get it working if you would like. Just let me know. Thanks.

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