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  • Plugin Author Ajay


    You currently don’t have the flexibility for this. However, I’m working on a version that will allow you to pass a custom number of posts and custom number of days to the function, so you are not bound by the admin settings.

    Hi Ajay, thanks alot of replying, I wasnt sure if there was a way or not. I will keep checking back for your update…I take it when you release the update I will be alerted in the admin panel?

    Plugin Author Ajay


    Yes, that will be the case. Fastest way to upgrade 🙂

    This is probably bad karma, but is it something that your likely to release soon? I dont mean to be this guy

    Just wondering if I should continue on with other things or find a replacement.

    Plugin Author Ajay


    Actually, it completely slipped my mind!

    You can customise the Daily Posts widget to whatever length you choose to. Enter the number of days as per your choice.
    It isn’t only “Daily”

    P.S. Love the meme!

    Are you talking about settings > top 10:
    Daily Popular should contain views of how many days?

    How did I miss that? Great, I now have Daily set to 30 days and Popular (is that all time?) so two columns. Is it possible to add other instances of daily (set to other days) in the same page?

    Also, can i just double check something with you, im just adding:

    <?php if(function_exists(‘tptn_show_pop_posts’)) tptn_show_pop_posts(); ?>
    <?php if(function_exists(‘tptn_show_daily_pop_posts’)) tptn_show_daily_pop_posts(); ?>

    To my popular page, is that correct (nothing in function etc)?

    Thought the pic would give you a chuckle haha.

    Thanks again

    Plugin Author Ajay


    Yes, that is correct. Alternatively if you want you can just use the Daily widget to add it to your theme’s sidebar.

    Appearance > Widgets

    I’m working on a new version that will have a widget to either select all time or custom range

    Looking forward to the next version, got popular and daily working so that will keep me going until then.

    I use this to show post thumbnails for my posts on the index.php

    <?php tern_wp_youtube_image(); ?>

    But cant seem to get it to work with

    <?php if(function_exists('tptn_show_pop_posts')) tptn_show_pop_posts(); ?>
    <?php if(function_exists('tptn_show_daily_pop_posts')) tptn_show_daily_pop_posts(); ?>

    Would something like that require extra work behind the scenes or am I just not using it corretly?

    Plugin Author Ajay


    Top 10 comes inbuilt with support for post images. I haven’t seen <?php tern_wp_youtube_image(); ?> before. What is that?

    Yeah, if I have a featured image on the post, the thumbnail appears no problem. But since I use another plugin to suuply the thumbnail

    Im not sure how the two should talk to each other…or if they even can talk to each other without some serious php knowledge.

    Can it be done with custom fields or am I way off?

    Plugin Author Ajay


    I don’t know the plugin, but looking at the code, the following seem to be the field _tern_wp_youtube_video contains some field. However, it doesn’t seem to hold the path of the image.

    I suggest also checking with the author if there is a custom field that holds the path of the image as a thumbnail.

    Ajay, you come to the rescue yet again! I wouldnt have been able to give the author a very good description, but that is perfect. Thanks…if I get the answer I will be sure to post back incase of anybody else that uses your plugin.

    All the best, thanks for the support.

    Plugin Author Ajay


    That sounds great.

    Well it turns out that other plugin doesnt store the image thumbnail and there is no custom field, it pulls the thumbnail stright from youtubes servers using the videos unique ID.

    So I guess its impossible (for me) to use two together. I also use this throughout my blog, Im taking it if google decided to change something related to the thumbs I would be screwed.

    Plugin Author Ajay


    Not unless the plugin updates the code for the thumbnail.

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