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  1. LaBOdeMarie
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I created a new custom post type called "Albums". In the admin panel, it works great. I use the default taxonomy Category and Tags. I've added the first article and checked the box "Category A" for this one.
    On the website, Categories are listed. When I click on the "Category A" to display all the articles (currently just one article with the new custom post type), I get the page "Nothing found". The problem may be that I have to create a custom template for this new custom post type. I've tried to create a "content-albums.php" and then a "single-albums.php", but it does not work... I even tried to add a query in the template of the Category A to get only the posts with the new custom post type : the result on click was just a blank page...
    I'm making something wrong but I don't know what ! Do someone have an idea or/and already use custom post type with Toolbox Theme ?
    Thank you very much



  2. LaBOdeMarie
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I've added a query at the beginning of the Loop to get all the posts AND those with the new custom post type. It works. But when I click on the title of the Post (custom post type), I still get a "Page not found".
    Hope someone can help...

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