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  • Hi guys!

    I searched as comprehensively as I could in the support forum and whatever sites (including this one) containing WP plugins. I’m looking for more or less an all-in-one WP stats plugin that does the following:

    1. Gathers the usual stats data from regular visitors (e.g. IP addy, date and time, etc.)

    2. Here’s the unique thing I’m hoping it’ll achieve: it logs visits of registered users, what posts they’ve visited upon logging in, their IPs, date and time, etc. But that data is only viewable to the administrator (me) upon logging inside my blog.

    In short for #2, the data to be captured is NOT to be viewed by the outside public except me. The reason for this is I’m eventually going to allow paid subscribers access to certain private posts, yet I want to keep track of their activity to ensure none of them share their login details to potentially non-paying users.

    Anyone know of such a plugin? Or if there’s none, is anyone up to the challenge of creating such (especially since I don’t know squat how to create plugins)? 🙂


    Dave Zan

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