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  • Ok – here goes,

    I have a client that owns a Modeling Agency. In the real world they will take photos of different models and place them side by side to compare them to narrow down which model will be the best for any given job or to send their client a choice of the best fit.

    They want to be able to do this on the front end of their website interactively.
    Example: They have a page for each model containing galleries of images.
    A job comes in where they need a “young Mom” looking model.
    They want the ability to choose an image from each model that may fit the description and place them next to each other on another page to compare, delete and ultimately choose without going back and forth between pages.

    I am unable to come up with a solution like this, am new to WordPress and was hoping there is a plugin that does this.
    I’ve searched Gallery and Lightbox plugins but from what I have researched so far they seem to come up short, unless I missed something.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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