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  • anyone please?

    WordPress is a blog sistem:S

    Anyone else please?
    I read somewhere about a plugin regarding pages or something..

    WordPress is a a site builder. It is mainly based towards weblogs, however the internal page funtion allows you to dynamically build a website, being able to change the content online, as oposed to via ftp. What do you want to know about it?

    mmmmmmm, no. WP is *not* a site builder. It will not build your site for you. That is, it does not (naturaly) build static HTML pages. It’s dynamic. It’s an engine, upon which you must still add a shell, some windows, a bit of paint, and give it some gas before it will go.

    Now, as for pages, yes, there is a way to make pages in WP, but again, they are not static pages. But rather posts which are treated as special.


    If you want a site builder, check out drupal, mambo, phpnuke, etc.

    Sorry I misworded that while in the midst of multitasking… WordPress out-of-the-box can help you to create a website. It won’t build it for you, as in an automatic site-builder, but with a little time, you can easliy build an entire website with it.

    multitasking is an oxymoron….

    Really, there are a ton of “site-builder” possibilities out there. One of the better ones lately:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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