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  • wmedernach


    Hello all,

    Is there a plugin available that would allow a user to toggle on/off their availability for a list of events?

    Something similar to what Shutterfly does on their ‘Player Availability’ section on their Team Share Site. See the following image.

    This would basically list team players on the left, and then events across the top and a player could toggle what events they can attend.

    Thanks so much for any info.

    Warren M

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  • Hi Warren
    I’m trying to do something similar for our golf team but on a match by match basis. A team sheet is published on the website and the players have to tick to confirm that they are still available for a specific match. We do have a one of our team who knows PHP so we might be able to code it ourselves. I’ll answer back here is we succeed.



    Hey Terry,

    I’d be very interested to see anything on this. I just don’t know the WordPress system/model well enough yet to try to hack something like this together myself.


    OK Warren. Will keep you posted. So far, I’ve thought through what I want to do but haven’t implemented it. We’ll have some code that will put a form onto a team sheet page which will show yes / no boxes for players to tick. Once a player has ticked the box, an email message will go to the team organiser and the page will be updated to show the player’s confirmed availability. That’s the minimum set-up but we may add some refinements such as late withdrawal and reminders to those who haven’t confirmed. We are looking to have this running in time for next season – our first match is at the beginning of March.



    Hi Warren

    I don’t know if this will help you but we have found a way of doing what we wanted by embedding a spreadsheet into our website. This works well for us. The spreadsheet shows a list of names of players with a space next to each name where they can write yes or no to indicate availability. We did this with – it’s very like Google’s spreadsheet except that you can embed an interactive version into your website.

    Hope this helps


    Hey Terry,

    That’s a fantastic idea. A very simple alternative to the problem.



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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