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  1. mguntenaar
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi there,

    What I'm looking for is the posibilty to include a full rendered page in a template.

    What I do is the following:

    Create parent page
    - child page
    - child page
    - child page

    The child pages are just snippets of html code (like widgets).

    I created a loop that loops through the child pages from the parent. So far so good.

    I got it working for some part to just do a file_getcontents on the permalink but that offcourse makes me lose all the session data and other creative stuff we need ;-)

    I've tried the iinclude_page plugin but this just gives me the content of the page and I want the FULL markup.

    Does anybody know a way to get this working without Javascript. We love javascript but makes us lose the content in the markup wich is not quite SEO friendly ;-)

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