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  • The ability to group my installed plugins by purpose (or whatever my preference) rather than just default alphabetical or active/inactive would be a great asset. (If this exists, I can’t find it. I have used search terms: plugin organizer, PI sorter, PI manager, PI wrangler and half a dozen others without success.)

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  • yeah it isn’t an easy one to look for.

    I haven’t come across anything like this, but it might be a useful one to have.

    I’m submitting a new plugin that will allow you to load your plug ins in a specified order. I threw this small plugin together to help on a project I’m doing and I figured someone else could use it too. Still waiting for approval and then I will add my plugin to the directory.

    I have submitted my plugin. I’m working on a hook that will order the plugin page in the same order as they are loaded. Will be updating in a few days. Let me know if this is close to what you were looking for. It sounds like this isnt quite what you were looking for but its a work in progress and look forward to ideas.

    I have updated with a new version of this plugin. It now has an admin page for creating plugin groups. These groups are only viewable one at a time right now but the next version will have a link for viewing all plugins seperated into their groups on the same page as well as viewing each group individually. Haven’t gotten any ratings or comments so I’m not sure if anybody uses this plugin though its been downloaded 300 times already.

    Sounds very useful, will download now and test on a couple of sites.

    In case it helps others, I find the following note confusing. Does it only apply to WP MU or all types of WP installs?

    NOTE: To enable selective plugin loading you must move the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-organizer/lib/PluginOrganizerMU.class.php file to /wp-content/mu-plugins. If the mu-plugins directory does not exist you can create it.

    I also suggest on the FAQ page to describe a possible scenario where this plugin may be useful, or the issue it resolved that lead you to create this plugin

    Thank you for your efforts.

    The mu-plugins folder contains “Must Use” plugins that are loaded before regular plugins. The mu is not related to WordPress MU. This was added to regular WordPress in 3.0 I believe. I only placed this one class in the MU folder because I wanted to have my plugin run as a normal plugin so it could be disabled if needed.

    I just (3-18-11) created a post seeking developers and others to team up with me to create exactly this plugin:
    – User-defined categories
    – Organize plugins by (multiple, imho) categories
    – Sort and select by (multiple) categories and the existing statuses

    More teammates wanted!
    – Developers
    – Testers
    – Writers for documentation
    – Translators for localization

    Also wanted, your contributions input on requirements, as well as any recommendations on how it should be coded.

    But please note, I am not a developer, so those contributions won’t mean anything to me. I’ll just pass them on to the developers who join this project. My intention is to take on the job of project manager, and to do a lot of the documentation and some translations.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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