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  • Jon


    In the past I have always moderated every single comment. However, on the whole most people commenting are genuine people asking questions and discussing subjects and rarely have a URL in their comment form.

    So today I decided to try running comments with moderation only if there is 1 or more link in the comment. However, this does not seem to stop comments when the link is in the form, so open to spammers putting keyword names in and leaving useless comments,

    I have searched the plugins for something to block a comment with a URL in the form, but cannot find anything.

    Does anyone know of anything suitable?

    I also have it set to notify me of all comments so in theory a bit of spam will not last too long.

    I am hoping that this will ultimately lead to more discussion between readers rather than just between myself and each individual.

    An alternative would be for registered members to not have to be moderated, but moderate all others. I interpret the current default option as “registered only” or anyone can comment.

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