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  • Does such a plugin exist?

    Maybe something even remotely like it?

    If I was going to code it myself how would i go about doing it?
    Note: I’m new to coding and would much rather edit an existing plugin to do what I want it to do so even if you find a plugin remotely like this ideal one, please let me know.

    Here is my overly detailed idea for the plugin:

    (Preferably Ajax would be used for everything)

    I want it to have some way for users to mark a video (post) as “Reported”. Then in the back end of wordpress (wp-admin) , list all those video’s title + content in the same format as usual but each video would have a few links under it (like the current edit, delete, etc.). Those links being:
    Confirm Broken | False Positive | Edit Post

    So that step would be the confirmation step, having someone go through and just check to see if the videos are actually broken and mark if they are or not as well as giving them the chance to go ahead and edit the post if they choose.

    After the videos go through the confirmation step they would be either be marked as “Broken” or “False-Positive”. Only the “Broken” videos would be displayed on the next step. “False-Positive”s would be counted (to be displayed later) but otherwise returned to normal.

    Now onto the fixing step. All broken videos post titles are listed with the ability to drop down the content into view if you click the title. Below each title are the links:
    Edit | Mark as Fixed | Mark for Deletion

    “Edit” is obvious
    “Mark as Fixed” would be counted and then removed from the list of “Broken” videos
    “Mark for Deletion” would add the video to a list of videos that have been broken for a long time and can’t be fixed. If they remain in that list for 2 weeks an admin would be prompted to delete the posts.

    And that’s basically it…

    Any ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Anything would be apriciated, Thanks!

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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