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  • I’m looking for a plugin to enable extended pieces of membership information to be stored to user’s profile.

    It should work on kind of two levels:
    – part of the additional information could/should be edited by user/member himself, like his address, phone nbr, etc.
    – part of the information should only edited by admin or someone with higher level of rights, like status of membership, etc. I guess this information could also be seen by user, but he should not be able to edit it himself.

    Are you aware of any ready-made plugins I could utilise?

    I took a quick look at usermeta/userextra plugins (by squish), but could not get the necessary tables created (yes, I activated the usermeta 1st, then tried to create the tables, error message with db table creation…). I’m using WP1.5.2.

    Any help appreciated!

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  • I’ve been working on a membership plugin for some time now. The first non-beta release is out (v1.0) and can be downloaded at

    I expect to have a followup release out within a week that will add some features originally planned but left out of the 1.0 release.

    Hope this helps…


    After a few additional releases, some tweaking, and then the usual fixing of bugs after initial release, I’m on to version 1.6 of the WP-Members plugin.

    This version has all of the customization features that were planned for the initial rollout (I’m already working on the “wish list” for version 2.0). Although activation is easy, installation in your theme does require getting your hands a little dirty. I’ve included the necessary changes to the single.php in Kubrick as an example.

    Anyway, v1.6 available here:

    (btw, finally got the domain up and running and I’m implementing Angsuman’s Redirect plugin to help facilitate the rollover process.)



    Any chance of widgetizing this/making it a lot simpler? I have no idea where to start with those instructions (which freely admit you need some php knowledge.)

    Alternatively, can anyone recommend any other member management plugins out there? Desperately needed…

    Many thanks.

    Version 1.8 is by far my easiest version to use for someone who doesn’t know php.

    Yes, I have thought about widgetizing it, but at this point, it’s not really an option as I haven’t figured out a way to protect the loop from being displayed using a widget. However, as I progress in developing the plugin, installation and use is far more simple than the first release. At this point, it really is no more difficult to install that your average plugin. If you can copy and paste, you can install this plugin (also, the changes to single.php in the default (Kubrick) theme are included as an example).

    if what you mean is that you want to add user data to your registration pages or to your user profile pages you can try the cimy extra fields plugin.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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