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    Hi! We develop websites for several churches and religious organizations (among others) and one thing they all want to do is post bulletins, usually daily, to their website. I’m looking for an easy way to do that, perhaps with a plugin?

    Here’s what we’ve done:
    On some sites, we’ve rigged it up so that posts are to contain the document, and we’ve constructed it so that posts show as a preview on the page. It’s a lot of work, a little messy, and hard for people to use.
    On some sites, we’ve had them list their bulletins as a list of links on a page. This is effective and easy, but doesn’t look or feel very nice.
    On some sites, we’ve used other websites to host and manage the bulletins. This works, but we can’t put it on our site. We always have to link to it.
    On some sites, we go through the effort of making a thumbnail and linking from that to the latest bulletin. This is a nice way to do it, but it’s a lot of work for a weekly task.

    Here’s what we’d like to do:
    Have a place where people can simply upload the bulletin, add a couple details (like title, date, and maybe a description), and have it upload in a nice, clean format to a page where people can view and download it. We want users to see a thumbnail of the latest bulletin, and have a way to access and view thumbnails of recent and archived bulletins.

    We have a bunch of churches, and we’re thinking about creating our own solution to make this easy for them, however hard this will be hard on us. Is there a plugin which does something close to what we’re trying to do? I’ve looked and haven’t found anything reliable. If you have any other suggestions, please share!


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  • Moderator Bet Hannon


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    I have absolutely no experience with this plugin, so cannot vouch for it, but it seems to do what you are looking for:

    HOWEVER, you need to be aware that PDF’s in general (unless they are specifically edited), are NOT accessible for the visually impaired.

    Churches are not required to be ADA compliant (either in buildings or websites), but for many churches (we have over 50 church clients), being ADA compliant is a “golden rule” moral or justice issue. I hope you will help educate your clients about this.

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