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  • I need help finding a plugin that accomplishes specific things the gallery shortcode cannot do. I imagine one already exists, but I haven’t been able to locate it. If you know of one, please let me know:

    I’ve created a sample with basic HTML code to show what I want the plug in to do. It’s here:

    I want a plugin that automatically creates an image thumbnail gallery of existing SINGLE POST PAGES that are identified by a specific CATEGORY. Each thumbnail image in the “thumbnail gallery post” needs to link to the specific single post page (not the image alone). In addition, the plugin would place a row of text links at the top of the page to go to the “Previous Post Page,” “Next Post Page” or return to the “Thumbnail Gallery” for that particular CATEGORY rather than the chronological blog posts.

    I’d like all of the single post pages within this set of posts to be separated from the regular group of chronological posts — in a way, HIDDEN from the standard blog posts so there can be daily entries made in the blog with occasional blog posts containing a set of separate blog post pages that are only viewable from the thumbnail gallery in a “loop” of its own.

    Here’s a quick diagram of how the blog page in the site would be using the topic of FOOD for the blog:

    Day 1 – Muffin Recipe Post
    Day 2 – Broccoli Post
    Day 3 – Hot Drinks Thumbnail Gallery**
    Day 4 – Meatloaf Recipe Post
    Day 5 – Watermelon Post

    ** The Hot Drinks post might have four pictures in it. Each picture would be linked to a typical “single post page” but that post wouldn’t be entered as a regular daily post. It would be a separate “loop” of four posts that might be linked like this:

    Coffee -> Tea -> Cocoa -> Broth -> Looping Back to Coffee

    It’s important that each Hot Drink have its own page! I don’t want a “lightbox” approach because I want the benefit of being able to link to specific pages within this group at other times.

    Do you know of a plugin that does all of this?

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