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    Facebook has this feature called a share preview that allows users to embed an external video or audio player right into the Facebook newsfeed. You might have noticed this from sites like YouTube.

    It’s actually quite simple to implement. You just need to add a few extra meta tags so when the Facebook “crawler” comes looking it knows that it can embed the supplied video/audio player.

    I was wondering if this type of plug-in already exists for WordPress. It would be great if I could tag a post with an ‘mp3’ tag for example, and have the appropriate meta tags included on that post page, then if anyone shares that page, the player would be embedded on Facebook.

    If this plug-in doesn’t exist, does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to get started on it?

    Thank you,

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  • Funny thing, I continued searching on this topic, and now Google shows this thread as one of the Top 3 results. I can never get anything on Google and this question shows up on top in less than four hours.

    Hey Spadin!

    Great plugin, I just noticed that it only adds meta tags for audio. Is there a way we could develop this concept further to include video and the assigning of video and image image meta tags as well for specific posts? I think this is why links I post to Facebook never show the correct preview from my blog.

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