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  • Hi,

    I thought I came across a plugin that did this but I cannot find it or anything searching plugins and this forum.

    So asking the WP community:

    Problem: I am currently drafting / preparing several posts for my site. Each post has a gallery with 30-40 or more images. Each image requires a specific caption and alt text so far. Using the core WP image gallery overlay is terrible for this… Opening closing, clicking endlessly, scroll bar position shifting, scroll down to save all etc. It is just a terrible interface when the image count gets high. I feel it is taking me twice as long as it should or more.

    So I want to just load all the text fields on one simple page or any way to just mass edit these without having to click 5000 times and scroll around to find where the next image is i have to edit.

    Ideally: 1 page, one thumbnail for each image and 4 text fields for each image (alt, capt, description, title). Tab, type, tab, type. Submit once, saved & done.

    I swear I saw a plugin for this once. I searched image this image that. No luck. Thinking now it might have seo keywords associated with its name? no luck still. Does anyone know of any solution? Using the media editor in the Dashboard is not as bad but still terrible IMO.

    I’m familiar with the API for writing themes, not with the dashboard or editing. Maybe it’s time to learn!

    Any insight appreciated. Thanks.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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