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  • franjometal


    I searched but could not find this anywhere.

    Does a plugin exist where the users on a wordpress blog instead of or in addition to leaving a comment also attach a picture? The picture would then be displayed with the comments or as the actual comment.

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  • petit


    The best way to do this I think is to include a Gravatar and encourage your commentors to go to and upload a representative image. It will be a picture the can use to represent them on all blogs or other media supporting gravatars.

    Skippy has it integrated at his blog and has written a plugin to integrate this in your blog.



    I don’t want them to post an avatar. Let’s say I post a picture and I want them to upload a picture they took that is similar etc etc…they just need to be able to post pictures to certain specific posts, i figure as a comment would be easiest..



    I don’t know if there is any plugin for doing what you want, though that doesn’t mean there isn’t.
    Your commenters would have to be able to upload a picture to your blog site, ( or to insert a link to an image on their own site. )

    If you have a limited group of people inserting images, you may make them users of your blog with the “author” role. As authors they have the permission to use the the post editor, from which they can upload and insert images to their posts.



    My fear is that this will be too complicated for them to figure out as opposed to being able to just ‘select file and upload.




    Well, I’ve searched a huge plugin database and googled, but I don’t seem to find a plugin for images in comments. This may be for a good reason – it’s hard do tell what kind of images users will upload.
    Keep searching – there may well be a plugin, and if you find any. please post a link here!

    Yeah, I need the same thing too. Only a select group of people are able to comment to my site, so i’m not worried about what they would post…

    This is an issue all the time, even w/ my own comments. I’ll wanna throw a pic in there & even if i manually use the img src tag it strips it & I have to go back & edit the comment to get it to show.

    Even though it would be a pain, manually, the necessary components are almost all there. I can allow my users to upload, there isn’t a button in Comment Quicktags, but that can’t be that big a deal. The real issue seems to be that WP strips the image when the comment is submitted.

    So all that said… *bump* Anybody got any new ideas? Not looking for help w/ getting images in posts, just comments. It comes up many times every day on my site.

    Yeah, I need the same thing too.

    Any help?

    I need it, too. Why wordpress block the img src language in comment area? Not everyone use the side-panel comment. I have tried the BBcode plugin. It has the [img] language. However, DOES NOT work. Any php expert know how to show image (with upload button or ourside linking) in comment area?

    Today is really my lcuky day. I finally know how to let image show on comments area. Here is the solution.

    1. find the hses.php in you wp-includes/ folder
    2. put the code
    ‘img’ => array(
    ‘src’ => array(),
    ‘alt’ => array(),
    ‘title’ => array(),
    ‘height’ => array(),
    ‘width’ => array()
    afer ‘i’ => array(), it. a new php file under your root blog folder. call it my-hacks.php
    5.put define(‘CUSTOM_TAGS’, true); into my-hacks.php it your wordpress edit panel. Go to OPTIONS>Miscellaneous> therefore select ‘Use legacy my-hacks.php file support’ > make it selected
    7-1 I am using old wordpress 1.2.
    8. You done everything! Bravo! Now try to use IMG SRC in your comment area. And it works!

    Ahh, so WordPress is stripping the Image tags. I wondered why I could post a pic by Editing a comment (as Admin) but my users tell me they can’t post a pic even with img src=

    Would the above “hack” work with WP 1.5.x?

    I think so. (you can search keyword as my-hacks.php in support fourm) P.S. With this img src, you may need another hack srcipt to control the best width. Therefore you will meet IE and firefox CSS problem. I used a java file to control img’s width.

    Hey, I already tried it, and it works… In WP 1.5.x the hses.php file is named kses.php. You can modify that file by adding the line nyflorac mentioned in the allowed tags array
    'img' => array('src' => array(), 'alt' => array(), 'title' => array(), 'height' => array(), 'width' => array())

    I have a question, though… does it mean that if you don’t allow a ‘border’ attribute, they are stripped?



    I’m using WordPress 2.0.5 and got this to work by just making the change below.

    Starting on line 30, add the following to wp-includes/kses.php:

    //include images in comments
    'img' => array(
    'src' => array(),
    'alt' => array(),
    'title' => array(),
    'height' => array(),
    'width' => array(),

    (Thanks to nyflorac for providing the solution above, I basically just fixed the syntax.)

    It’s working fine on my blog.

    Oh, and happy new years! =)

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