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  • Same problem, plugin version 3.3.9 and WP 3.1

    Installing WP Super Edit and activating the Advanced Image Link & Advanced Link plugins in it, then deactivating TinyMCE plugin all seems to work (tinymce is installed within WP 3.1 so the plugin can be deactivated). This worked for me. Regards.

    maybe you got me or wrong or it doesnt work for me; I was looking the new WP feature “easy links between internal posts/pages” this is not shown as the tinymce advanced or the superedit replace the dialog box.

    Any other idea? Appreciated thanks in advance

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


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    Have you checked the options in TinyMCE Advanced? Enabling the “Advanced Link” TinyMCE plugin there will overwrite the new internal linking feature in 3.1. And yes, this will not work in WP Super Edit at all.

    yep so a tradeoff for now between new internal linking feature vs the advanced link dialog of tinymce advanced or superedit.

    i guess the new internal linking is a new function and needs to exist somewhere 😉 am not a coder but surely not too hard to get this function implemented into the advanced link dialog

    thanks to all

    The new post linking feature in wordpress 3.1 doesn’t work for me either. I have updated the plugin 3.3.9 but still no luck.

    This advanced linking can be emulated with the AWS page link plugin as well as TinyMCE advanced plugin. This is what I was using prior to WP3.1.

    Although it looks nice, the new WP linker is not useful to me.



    sebklose, for me the new 3.1 internal linking function didn’t work either, even though I didn’t have “Advanced Link” checked in the TinyMCE options panel. What I had to do was check “Advanced Link”, then click “Save”, then uncheck it and save again. Then the new 3.1 internal linking function was restored for me.

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    @mike that’s strange, I actually changed the internal name for the “Advanced Link” option to make sure it is off after upgrading and to avoid asking the users to re-save their settings. Will run some more tests on that.

    Hi and thanx for the tips!

    Funny thing, I was having the same problem, no wp3.1 internal links. I went to tinymce advanced, the “Advanced Link” was actually unchecked. Strange. So I just checked it, saved, then re-unchecked it, and re-saved and it seams to work now.

    I used the same technique as Mike did to restored the WP 3.1 internal linking with TinyMCE Advanced enabled.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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