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  • mpmchugh


    Just installed TinMCE Advanced in an older WP installation, running 2.9.2 and find that some of the pop-over windows are entirely blank (Tables) or oddly munged, like in the HR panel that only shows odd tags and misaligned form elements.

    Anyone run into this and know of a fix?

    I’ve got it running with no problem in a couple of 3.0.1 installs.


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  • Jay Collier


    I also see the Tables dialog as blank. Looking forward to solution.



    I’m running into the same issue. The hyperlink buttons was giving me issues, and only worked when I turned off advanced hyperlink. However, I’m running into blank pop ups using the “Edit CSS Style” button. I am using 3.0.1 and have enabled and disabled other plugins with random results. Either there’s a plugin conflict, or something that would effect both of them. I’ll try to look through the code myself and see if anything sticks out.



    Update: I am currently using a network setup with domain mapping. The src for the popup iframe seems to be set to the default plugin location, and is not being modified to reflect the domain mapped to it. Using firebug, I modified the url to use the domain it’s mapped to and the popup loaded correctly. I’ll try to find the code in the plugin to modify this or some other way to correct this issue.

    Jay Collier


    That preliminary diagnosis makes perfect sense: I’m using domain mapping on multiple sites, too. TIA for your investigation.



    Ah, that does seem to be my problem as well. I’m using the “Domain Mirror” plugin to feed a blog to three domains ( have not yet migrated to 3.0 on this one ), and access the admins via separate URLS so that the editor visually matches the site.

    It works fine from the main domain, but the other two have it busted. Hope you can find a fix!




    Update: I’m halfway through with a solution. In the two php files, tadv_admin.php and tinymce-advanced.php, the plugin is using the following references:


    Those are where the plugin is getting the original subdirectory instead of the new domain. So, to replace it, I did the following.

    Find all instances of the WP_PLUGIN call, such as this on line 63 of tinymce-advanced.php

    $wp .= ',' . WP_PLUGIN_URL . '/tinymce-advanced/css/tadv-mce.css';

    and replace with:
    $wp .= ',' . get_bloginfo('wpurl') . '/wp-content/plugins/tinymce-advanced/css/tadv-mce.css';
    Note, I added the get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’) and also “/wp-content/plugins” in front of the /tinymce-advanced

    Now in wordpress, the popups seem to load. However, the information in the popup isn’t being replaced, so all the labels are in {brackets}. Again, this is only on the sites with domains attached. I’m still working on a fix for this.



    Ok, it would appear that the problem was in line 244 of the tinymce-advanced.php file. I had changed this line:
    $langpath = WP_PLUGIN_DIR . '/tinymce-advanced/mce/';
    and apparently, that was causing the languages not to load. I left it as that and it works for me. I will go through and see if any of the other replacements cause issues. If not, I’ll see if I can post the changes here and perhaps submit the fixes to the plugin author.



    Ok. It looks like that’s the only instance where you don’t want to replace the WP_PLUGIN_DIR. In the langs.php files, it uses a dirname(_FILE_) function to locate the proper file. However, since we have the sites mapped to a virtual directory, it can’t locate the file. Just leave the $langpath variable with the WP_PLUGIN_DIR and replace the rest and it should work ok. I’ll submit my findings to the plugin author.

    Hi –

    Can someone please give me a summary of what line I have to edit to fix this? What do I replace it with? Thanks


    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    Have a look in the plugin’s file. The first function sets two constants that are used for all paths and URLs. It runs after all plugins are loaded so you can put some code to dynamically set these constants or you can add them in another plugin or wp-config.php.

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