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    Re-save your options on the plugin’s settings page. That should fix it.

    Sure did! Many thanks…


    The plugin seems to be working just fine in the page edit view, however when you click on the “toggle full screen”, the buttons are no longer available. Is there a way to get these back in full screen view?



    Is that a symptom of the development team’s fascination with the “distraction free writing” in the full-screen view? It has only a minimal set up buttons and many other formatting features (heading styles, for instance) are relegated to keyboard shortcuts.

    While I guess I see the point of the “clean screen” for writers, that new “feature” seems to ignore the fact that on many sites, there are also editors that go in and clean up the formatting for others. They, too, need a full screen mode — *and* access to easy formatting tools.

    It’s been 20 years now since most people left behind keyboard shortcuts for formatting in favor of icons and gui support for formatting. Yes, of course, the formatting should be semantic, but still – having the dropdown of styles would be helpful.

    [I’ll figure a better place to post this –maybe its in the Ideas somewhere.]



    Yes, some of us certainly use the formatting buttons in Full Screen mode! Particularly if trying to manage tables etc. I don’t see how a couple of tool bars at the top of the screen can be considered a ‘distraction’ in the first place, but surely an option can be added somewhere to set whether or not the full set of formatting buttons should be available in Full Screen mode?

    Okay, so just discovered something that helps me with this issue… can’t believe I never noticed it before…

    Each page editing screen (as do most screens in WP) has a ‘Screen Options’ tab. In there you can choose how many columns to display. Selecting ‘1’ moves all the right side panels to display underneath the content editor, therefore enlarging the editing space. Minimising the left hand menu enlarges it even more. Maximising your browser window even more – Voila! No need for formatting buttons in Full Screen mode – hoorah!

    Having the panels on the right was handy, BUT, I also think it may be more user friendly for the average, not so computer literate, Joe Bloggs (i.e. like many of my clients) to have these panels below the editor as it creates a nicer, more logical work flow for them.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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